When it comes to marketing, many brands and associations have taken a route of online marketing, and that too via social media. This diminished the traditional offline marketing system thereby, decreasing the engagement of offline channels.

To overcome this, Digital Signages gave a leg up to the offline marketing world. Social media being a crucial element in marketing has taken place in digital signages too. The latter has become an upgraded version of offline advertising.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital Signages refer to large digital displays for offline advertising. It offers a way for brands, associations, and businesses to display their content on their official premises or in public.

With the linking of social media with Digital Signages, the brands and their promotions have gone to another level.

Associations have been able to invite online audiences and offline ones with unique visual representations of their brand.

They provide diversified content from social media platforms via social walls. Social proof builds up, engages, and invites more people by providing UGC content and showing authentic brand advocacy. Therefore, it also helps in surging the sales.

Apart from providing diverse content and helping in increasing sales, it also increases social interaction and gives entertainment and gamification.

Let us now understand how to use social media in Digital Signages.

How To Use Social Media In Digital Signage

Making Your Content Eye-Catching simply showcasing social media elements is not enough. It would help if you made it visible. An attractive feed not only draws the attention of the viewers but also increases engagement.

You can do it without taking up the entire display. Adding a pinch of different fonts, colors, and little animation can do great wonders.

You can also add a social media house or segment at the end to display the best comments or replies.

●      Highlight interactions

Using social media as an element in your digital signages requires you to use the interactive and communicative aspects.

You can do that by adding reviews of the customers, their inspirational stories, displaying comments of the day/week, highlighting a joke or any such humorous things which a customer made on your company, or any such tweet.

●     Be Creative

Just having a social media feed in the digital signage is not enough. To keep your viewers engaged, you need to be creative. This requires a call of action. Your purpose should be clearly defined in your signages.

The customer should look up to the message and understand your direction so that they can easily give a response to that.

If you want your social media to be followed or need engagement and more traffic on such networking sites, you need to clarify your pages so that the people/viewers can easily see that. Even if you want to increase the sales of your brand, the message should be clearly defined.

For example, giving your customers a discount coupon or any unique code to avail it or putting up striking messages on your display like ‘mention us on the Instagram story and get a chance to get a free coupon.’ With such statements, you will have a call of action.

●     Influencer Content

90% of Instagram users at least follow one influencer. So setting up their comment or review on your brand product or association on the digital signage is a fantastic way to engage your attendees.

Adding them to the digital signages makes the display attractive and exciting. By creating content that resonates well with the consumers, influencers play a significant role in brand promotion and influencing the target audiences in purchasing the products and services offered by the brands.

They work as magical marketing tools, too, as many people resonate with them, and what’s better than your favorite influencer on digital signages promoting products? This paves an easy way for marketers in offline marketing.

●     A Social Wall Does It All

Using a social wall that brings content from different social media platforms paves the way for many customer interactions and engagements.

It not only helps in building strong social proof but also enhances customer-brand loyalty.

# Campaign

To use social media digital signage, the best thing is to use a Hashtag Campaign. They help in collecting UGC efficiently.

Another best thing about using this is that they are expressive. They add another communication layer apart from simple written texts thereby, making the content appear more innovative and appealing to watch.

The best part about these digital signages is that you can use them in multiple places like in stores, workplaces, hospitality centers, corporate offices, streets, and so on.

Social media in digital signages are of great aid. They bring social interaction to another stage as well as help in building social proof. With UGC content being displayed, people feel a strong attachment and connection with the content being displayed rather than the simple marketing done by the companies.

Here’s the finale

When it comes to offline marketing, Digital Signages have given hope to all the associations or brands in bringing audiences from all over the world and from all areas.

With extensive and creative displays, Digital Signages have helped brands, associations, companies, etc., gain massive traffic and user insights.