While it may not seem like it at first glance, funeral plans and wedding plans have some similarities and are equally important. Funerals have traditionally been uncomfortable and difficult to discuss and plan for. However, due to their similarities, it is important to dedicate the time to prepare for funerals in the same way people would for weddings.

Both major events in life, funerals and weddings possess likenesses in how they are approached and planned by people all over the world. This article will discuss these ceremonies as two sides of the same coin, drawing on the parallels of funerals and weddings as personal celebrations of life and the often-stressful planning processes.

Funerals are Being Reframed as Personalised Celebrations of Life

Funerals are becoming more celebratory, like weddings. This reframing of funerals supports an emerging trend to rid the taboo surrounding the traditionally negative ceremony. While funerals are still times of mourning and memorializing the deceased, more people are approaching these events similar to how weddings are performed.

Half of all funeral services in the United Kingdom in 2020 were reported as “celebration of life” ceremonies according to the 2021 Sun Cost of Life Dying Report. Practices unique to this positive approach to funerals include non-traditional brightly coloured clothing, upbeat music, and personalized ceremony décor such as favourite football team merchandise. For example, in 2015, “Look on the Bright Side of Life” by comedy troupe Monty Python was one of the top requested funeral songs according to funeral music charts. In doing death differently, people are taking more control over their funeral planning as personalized celebrations of life.

Why Funeral Planning, Like Wedding Planning, is Important

Both funerals and weddings require extreme attention to detail and can often be daunting as the ceremonies have many considerations. From the type and location of the ceremony to the guests and floral arrangements, much of the planning process for funerals reflect those costs that arise in wedding planning. The only glaring difference between funerals and weddings is that while legal union is a choice, death is inevitable. Therefore careful thought and early preparation are so valuable to funeral ceremonies.

While it is not easy nor as joyful as for weddings, preparation for funerals will ease the stress and apprehension of the ceremony at an already difficult time. Especially as costs for funerals have risen to over £4,400 just last year, avoiding funeral poverty is a concern among a lot of families. Funeral plans are a way to alleviate this additional stress on top of grieving.

Capital Life are specialists in Funeral Planning and take care of aspects like ceremony planning, transportation, floral arrangements and more. Much like how a wedding planner would be hired, funeral plans can encompass fees for a funeral director to take care of the process. Funeral plans allow for peace of mind for loved ones that preparations have been made for the end of life, alleviating the financial burden and emotional stress that emerges from funerals.