The entrance of blockchain technology into the scene changed the world’s financial industry permanently. For the first time, a currency existed with fluidity and accessibility to millions across the globe and didn’t involve a major government or banker. Those who valued financial independence rejoiced as the technology developed, but the average person looked at it with a cautious glance.

From the outside looking in, Crypto and blockchain based platforms are quite confusing and this has put off many potential users. The rise of multitudes of cryptocurrencies from  Bitcoin and Ethereum to near joke coins like Dogecoin, people see an industry that is growing rapidly but are unable to make sense of it all. Furthermore, since many of these cryptocurrencies do not interact, a new user might find themselves locked into one currency or chain and unable to switch without losing assets.

That is where Blocto, a new cross-chain integrated smart contract wallet, comes in. Blocto is the next step in Crypto innovation through its use of cross chain ideas. Aiming to be akin to the “Steam of dApps”, Blocto offers a straightforward and comfortable user interface that allows for users to browse different dApps at their leisure. They can also integrate their wallets directly with Blocto and easily manage their assets in different cryptocurrencies and NFTs without having to switch to a multitude of different sites and engines.

Hsuan Lee, co-founder and CEO of Portto – company responsible for Blocto’s development has said  “BloctoBay is our next step in expanding the Bloctoverse, as a wallet provider at its core. All of our dApps are designed to empower our users to explore the vast offerings of blockchain. Our end goal has always been to provide a united user experience across all blockchains. BloctoBay, our NFT marketplace is just the next step in our vision.”

However, the cross-chain nature of Blocto is where it really shines. Regardless of what chain the program was created for, developers can find a seamless onboarding experience with Blocto. Whether it is a program designed for Flow or Solana, Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum, users will have easy access to it on the marketplace.

Currently, many of the listed dApps are for gaming and in game transactions like items and gear, however the list is rapidly expanding as the marketplace is further developed. One can take a simple glance down the page to see items listed for various different mediums. NFT’s, in-game items, virtual transactions, all at the click of a button with Blocto.

Blocto also goes the extra mile for protecting users that may be wary of attaching their wallets to a cross-chain platform. Offering bank grade security, Blocto ensures that everyone who attaches themselves to the growing Blocto ecosystem has the security that will allow them to explore the growing Crypto industry without worry of losing everything due to a misclicked agreement or a malicious hacker.

The strength of a cross-chain company like Blocto is that it is more flexible in what it is able to do than any of its competitors. It is able to take advantage of new innovations brought on in one blockchain in order to benefit the entirety of the networks that are locked into its program. Instead of having to segregate out users and developers due to their preference for one ecosystem or another, it is able to seamlessly integrate all of them onto one digital wallet. A user that chooses to go with Blocto will find an experience that guarantees them more reach than any other platform currently operating on blockchain technology.

Blocto is also not content to sit idly by and let other companies surpass their experiences. Constant interaction with the community and analyses of the market gives the company both the edge it needs to stay on top, and the tools to continue to adjust its marketplace to meet the demands of the growing user base.

Blocto is the model of the growing cross-chain movement and serves as the poster child for how integration will make the market as a whole stronger. The Crypto market is growing rapidly, however a lot of the infrastructure of the industry is still in its infancy. It was only recently that a larger number of businesses and financial institutions accepted Crypto as valid forms of currency.

As more and more entities emulate what Blocto is offering it will benefit the entire industry as a whole. A more user-friendly experience will usher in a new wave of users and we can expect the industry to really take off once the population surges to potentially record levels. The strength of the market lies with how it can be accessed by nearly anyone, and Blocto is ensuring that the process is as intuitive as possible.

There are other programs and virtual wallets that offer similar services, but none of them offer the cross-chain services that really makes Blocto shine out from amongst the crowd. Of the many virtual wallets in existence, a great deal suffer from being designed for only one blockchain. Much like how an older PC can’t run the new programs, those wallets can’t interact with other developing platforms as time goes on.

While other platforms and virtual wallets are struggling to modernize towards these new ideas, Blocto will lead the pack in innovation for the foreseeable future. Any user who chooses to embark on a journey with Blocto will find an evolving and easy to use platform that caters to their needs without having to wait ages for the technology to catch up.