Chances are that you are an investor who has invested in an HMO property to get a good income. There are certain tips that you must follow to make sure that you are ready to cater to individuals in the house properly. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the people on rent are happy with you and you are delivering good services to them. If you do that then you can always get good reviews that can lead you in getting more clients. A very good part about investing in this business of renting out your free house in multiple occupations is that a lot of people can live here and you can get a handsome amount of money towards the end of the month. Never make the following five mistakes.

Don’t Be Demanding

Don’t be demanding with the people who are living on rent in your property. Make sure that you are understanding and you understand all the challenges that they are facing. It may be that they are going through a financial crisis and they may not be able to pay the rent on time. In such a case do not be demanding. Rather you should be understanding and try to understand the problem. Try to resolve it and assist them in any way possible and offer them your best counsel if they ask something from you.


Since the house belongs to you it is very important that you take care of the cleanliness of the house. It is wise, therefore, to talk to the people living in the house and provide them a cleaner if they all agree to having a cleaner. Then you should provide them a good cleaner who takes care of the house on a daily basis. Houses that are not taken care of and are left in a dirty way due to lack of maintenance result in bad reviews from the people living in the house on rent.


People living in your rented house on rent are not your employees. They are free human beings who have been paying rent to you on a monthly basis in order to live inside the house. Therefore, they are entitled to use the house as per their needs. If, on a particular day, there are arriving to the house late at night then do not make a big deal out of it rather be understanding and tolerate such behaviour. However, you should request them and regulate them in coming to the house on time because it may affect the lifestyle of the other people living on rent. If this happens once in a while it is perfectly okay and you should not be very strict.


As mentioned above it is not wise to be strict as the owner of a rented property. It is best to be understanding, caring, and helping. Similarly, it is very important that you do not interfere in the personal matters of the people living on your property. If you’re going to have a birthday party, it is none of your concern how they are going to do it. Similarly, if they are organising a get-together or meeting with friends then do not interfere in their business. Let them do what they are doing. It is wise to include all the details of the contract in the signing document when you take them as renters.


People living on rent in your house are not perfect human beings. Obviously, at times, they may make mistakes as well. It may happen due to their carelessness that the wall paint may get damaged while placing furniture items. In such a case, be forgiving rather than being unforgiving. Understand the reason why it happened and ask them to repair the paint on the wall or cover the expenses via your insurance company.

By avoiding all the mistakes mentioned above you can definitely enjoy better reviews on your property and as a result, you can get more individuals to join. If you behave well with your current renters then they will recommend your services not only by word of mouth but on social media as well. As a result, their friends and family members will know about it. This will enable you to get more clients. This ultimately will mean more income for you.