Anatoly Machulsky

Running a business requires proper management and hard work. It is not easy to be a successful entrepreneur. There are many aspects that you should take into consideration if you are a business owner. It is because those factors have drastic effects on the success and failure of your business.

Anatoly Machulsky is a famous business consultant who has helped many business owners in making their business successful. He has vast experience in how to run a successful business or how to make your business successful. Besides tips and tricks, you can also hire a business consultant to help you sort out your business-related issues.

To run your business successfully, some tips are mentioned here:

  1. Business Plan:

Write a business plan. No matter how small a business you are starting, it would help if you wrote a business plan. Business with proper planning is well-organized and faces lesser problems than those that are started without any business plan.

It is not necessary to write a detailed business plan with everything written on it. You can also create a small business plan which highlights the critical points of your business. But if you make a detailed business plan, it will be better. A business plan is like just experimentation with your business on a piece of paper, so never forget to make a proper plan.

  1. Start with a High Budget:

Start your business with as much money as you have. The more you invest in your business, the more it will give you profit.

To attract the customers towards your products use all the possible methods but don’t invest too much in advertising. This will end you in a shortage of money, which will ultimately result in your business’s failure.

  1. Start a Business with Your Own Money:

Most new entrepreneurs think they will get a loan, start a business, and then return the loan. It seems quite easy when someone speaks or hears it, but it is way much difficult.

According to Anatoly Machulsky, “a business takes about 6 months to one year before it gets able to make a profit”. This time may get longer if the entrepreneur doesn’t have a business plan or proper management. Over time, the loan gets doubled or tripled, causing the business to collapse.

  1. Start from Scratch:

Before you start running, you must know to walk. Most people want their business to be extended to multiple locations, have many assets, and hundreds of employers. This is possible but can be achieved gradually.

By starting a small business, you can solve the problems that an entrepreneur may face. Even if you make a loss, you can recover it with a small amount of loan or your savings, so start from the small and gradually extend your business.

  1. Get it Written:

Don’t make contracts only on a handshake. Write everything, even the smallest details. This will provide you safety in any case of emergency. Contracts made orally or by handshake are harder to prove. If you have the contract in written form, no one can deny it as both the dealers’ signatures, and fingerprints are present on the form.

Many contracts are not valid if they are not present in written form. The limit for this is different for every state.

  1. Hire the Right People:

Remember that you can only succeed in case you have the right team. Always hire employees on merit and try to hire those who have different thoughts than you.

In this way, you can analyze a problem with different viewpoints. It is also possible that you miss something, but a man with different thoughts can notice it.

  1. Pay Your Bills and Taxes on Time:

Taxes and bills may create severe problems for you if not paid on time. If not paid on time, debt can make trust issues of people on you, and you may face problems in making business relations in the future.

These were some of the tips by Anatoly Machulsky. If followed strictly, they can lead you towards success.