The Mid Group is an innovative construction company run under the leadership of Sahel Majali Chairman and founder of the Group. Established in 2014, the company is fast-growing with an international presence. The Mid Group currently has bases in both London and Amman and operates throughout the UK and the Middle East. The Group is comprised of four interlocking companies that each deal with a specific side of the business within the global construction industry.

Sterling BIM was established as the Building Information Modelling arm of the Mid Group, staffed by a team of proven experts from a diverse range of backgrounds to deliver BIM services both within the Group and to external clients. The innovative use of BIM has helped the Mid Group to establish itself as one of the highest quality construction companies in the world, offering all the benefits of having access to the latest technologies. These include the Internet of Things, blockchain, 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Mid Contracting was formed to deal with the specifics of the contracting side of the business, delivering top quality services to UK clients that have earned the company a solid reputation as one of the best alternative contractors in the country. Mid Contracting specialises in advising clients on delivering projects within exacting specifications and supports all projects from the conception phase right through to final handover.

Sterling Living is the arm of the Mid Group that deals directly with landowners, helping to generate solutions for maximising value and realising the full potential of any piece of land. This includes working to secure planning permission, delivering new schemes, and assisting in raising funding for new projects.

Mid Consulting is the fourth company under the Mid Group umbrella. It concentrates on tailored services across a broad scope of management sectors, including project management, design management, commercial structuring and management, cost management, and programme management.

Sahel Majali Chairman of the Mid Group studied in the UK and the US prior to embarking on his career. Majali achieved a degree in Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Science) from University College London in 1984 before studying for his M.E.A. (majoring in Construction Management) at George Washington University in Washington, graduating in 1985. Sahel Majali had experience of being a chairman before the Mid Group, as he founded the Mid Contracting Jordan company in 1991. Majali served as Chairman and Managing Director of this company for more than 15 years, supplying dynamic projects for investment, development and construction.