Although startups are small companies with big dreams, they have a significant role in the economy. They create jobs thus creating employment opportunities and elevating the entire economy as a whole.

We must appreciate what startups do for our economy and recognise their work. While you may not know about all the startups that are born every year, you must know the ones that are changing their respective industries for the better.

Today, we will talk about one such startup that has grabbed customers’ attention in recent years with its exceptional services and top-notch products. As you guessed by the title, we are here to talk about Specscart – the revolutionary force in the eyewear industry.

It is quite unlikely for a startup to get the level of exposure in a little time as Specscart got. This company has what it takes to be the next big thing. If you were unaware of the existence of Specscart, read this blog to know what makes this company one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK in 2021.

The story behind Specscart

Every business has a story that brought it into existence. Your business ethics, products, services and ideas, everything revolves around that story. Specscart also has a relatable story that explains why they do what they do.

So it all started when the Manchester University student Siddharth accidentally broke his glasses. It was his exam the next day. So he went to the closest optical shop to buy himself a new pair of men’s glasses. He found that all the specs were locked behind lockers with transparent doors. So, if you have to try on a frame, you first have to call over a store worker and get the locker opened. Don’t you think all of this is a hassle?

And when he selected a frame, it was overpriced. Not at all affordable for a college student. Moreover, his glasses took more than a week to arrive at his place.

So, what problems could we make out of the situation?

  • Bad customer experience
  • High-priced products
  • More turnaround time

So, Siddharth got an idea that day. This idea later became known as Specscart. At this place, customers can buy affordable glasses, try what they like and get the fastest delivery for their glasses.

What is specscart?

Specscart is the one-stop solution to all your eyewear needs. Whether you want prescription glasses or fashion glasses for women and men, you can visit Specscart’s website and find your favourite frame at affordable prices.

Specscart aims to turn glasses into a fashion accessory that people wear for style. For this to happen, glasses have to be affordable so everyone can buy them. This is exactly what Specscart tends to do. All of their glasses, prescription or non-prescription are pocket-friendly. They have the latest trends with them to encourage more and more people to wear glasses for vision protection and fashion. Consider exploring options like Revo sunglasses for both style and eye protection.

Specscart ensures the best quality of their glasses with the courtesy of their in-house lens manufacturing lab in Manchester. There they have experienced technicians who crafted the lenses for precision. Whether single vision or varifocal lenses, Specscart only offers the best in quality. To bring down their cost and make their glasses super affordable, they have eliminated the middlemen. They supply their products straight to the customers.

When it comes to services, the UK-born eyewear company offers free eye tests to all the residents of the UK. They have stores in Bury and Walkden where their skilled and experienced opticians perform the test.

They also love to stay ahead of innovations and improve their services now and then. This streak is what helped them to come up with a free home trial service and later on, Specscart Rocket.

Specscart is famous for providing the best customer experience with their unique services. They give the fastest glasses delivery in the UK and also have some other impressive services on their list – free shipping, free returns and free home trials to name a few.

Considering the impact of digitalisation on our eye health, Specscart also offers blue light filter glasses at affordable costs. They understand the impact of blue light on people’s eye health and thus offer blue light glasses that block blue waves.

Moreover, at their physical stores in Walkden and Bury, all the frames are put on open shelves. Customers can come, try the frame they like and buy the ones they love.

Aren’t these services incredible? Not to mention that Specscart has won Albert Gubay Enterprise Award in 2017 and Venture Further Award in 2018. Even after achieving so much in just a short period, Specscart has no time to rest. They are working diligently to change the eyewear industry for the better.