A pet grooming business can be a fun venture to start, especially if you love animals. However, running any business can take a great deal of time and energy and quickly wear you out, no matter how fun it is. If you add in employees, it can be even more challenging to manage, but one tool can help streamline and simplify managing your workers – a clock in and out app.

This system makes it easy to see who has off or who is working, what clients they worked for, labor costs, and if any adjustments need to be made to the schedule. What’s not to love about a completely integrated system that will enable you to run a successful business? If you have not yet read about the benefits of using a clock in and out app, it’s time to start.

A time and attendance app is way more effective at payroll and managing than you would ever think. It can be one of the first steps to ensuring a happy team which can boost your workplace atmosphere. Every client who walks in will tell that this is a fun place to work, and they will feel confident that this is the best place to go for grooming. Here are all of the reasons you should check out this app.

Track Your Employees Time

If you have any amount of employees, it is essential to track their work hours. For one, it’s required by law. If you don’t track employee work hours and pay them only when you want to, not only will you lose that employee, you risk incurring labor law fines. Labor law violations shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can tarnish your business’s reputation and impact you financially.

Using a timesheet management app allows you to track employee work hours down to the second passively. You can see precisely how much time they spent on break, if they punched in early or out late or if they missed a shift altogether.  In the end, it’s about protecting your business as well as your employees, and a time keeper app can help you achieve that.

Improved Payroll Processing

One of the most incredible things about this tool is that everything is connected in one app. You can schedule your employees based on the number of clients you have per day, and you can accurately keep track of all hours.

After you double-check to ensure the numbers are correct, you can then send work data to your payroll company for processing. It takes away the stress of calculating hours by hand and hoping that your calculations were correct. Employee morale can suffer if they’re not paid in the right amount, and a clock in and out app can ensure payroll accuracy week after week

Reduce Potential Time Theft

One thing business owners and managers have to look out for is time theft. Time theft can happen when someone falsifies their work hours, resulting in overtime or getting paid for work they didn’t actually do. Buddy punching is another common form of time theft, which occurs when one employee punches time for someone who is not physically present, allowing them to get more pay than usual.

An employer time clock app comes equipped with features that help reduce the chances of time theft. One such feature is facial recognition. Facial recognition allows employees to punch in or out using a unique identifier, in this case, their face. Their picture will be taken and compared to that of an image on file. Only once identity is confirmed will the punch process complete. Such a feature can protect your business from fraud by ensuring employees are only punching time for themselves.

Understand Your Labor Costs

Often, labor costs are one of the most significant expenses in a business. The amount you spend on employees can be considerable. That is why it is essential to limit time fraud and accurately understand how much someone is working.

With a modern clock in and out app, you can gain insight into precisely how your employees are spending their time. You can see if they’re taking longer to complete a part of the grooming process and improve that time by implementing further training or providing more efficient tools.

Help You Make Important Decisions

When you’re able to see all employee time tracking information in one place, it can help you make better business decisions. You can reduce occurrences of time theft and unnecessary overtime. You can schedule easier by referencing historical data. You can even use time tracking information to determine if it’s time to bring on new employees.

Using a simple employee time clock tracking app can help you do more than allow employees to punch in or track breaks. It can help alleviate a great deal of stress when it comes to time tracking and payroll processing. If you’re looking to improve your current time tracking process, then a clock in and out app might just be the perfect tool!