woman standing near window inside bedroom

The hotel is the undisputed leader in terms of socialization. The apartment or room makes you play for a while that you are a local in the city where you are.

The small 3-star hotel run by its owners or the 4-star boutiques has that warmth that makes you feel at home.

 Graham Shear shares his experience. “There are special occasions when for work, a congress, or simply because I want to indulge myself, I choose to stay in a luxury hotel. Undoubtedly one becomes more demanding in this type of place because the values are not usually exactly economical. However, there are times when I am disappointed because they do not meet my expectations”.

That is why here, he made a list of the minimum services or amenities that he wants to find in a luxury hotel.

Sockets and more sockets:

You all have more than one device that needs to be recharged, so it is essential to have several alternatives to plug them in.

If there are any near the bed, much better since sometimes you want to use the computer or the cell phone lying down.

 Enough place to store luggage:

Both the bedroom and the bathroom must have enough furniture to allow all luggages to be stored comfortably.

This includes a sufficient number of hangers so that clothes can be kept in good condition.

Wi-Fi Free:

This service has become essential for any traveler. Although it can be understood in cheap hotels that it has an extra cost in a luxury hotel, this service must be free throughout the hotel. It must also offer a quality connection.


No matter how small the travel dryer is, it is one more thing to carry in the suitcase. If you go to a high-class hotel, you don’t want to have to carry it. Even one can’t miss it.

Towels and robes: 

If you take two showers a day, you don’t want to call reception to ask for another towel. That is why there should be at least two per person. It is also appreciated that they leave you a bathrobe.

Good enclosures:

It is essential to isolate yourself well from the outside at any time of the day. That is why the room must have very good curtains with blackout and good openings that completely block outside noises.

Availability of Water Bottles: 

Especially in destinations where you cannot consume tap water, but it is still a good detail that should be present in every category hotel.

Safe-deposit box:

A good-sized electronic safe cannot be missing.

Quality amenities: 

This is an item where the establishment can display its creativity and pleasantly surprise. From including items, you did not expect to provide high-quality items. For example, the Royal Suites at the Palladium hotel include amenities.

Room service 24 hours:

Good room service is very important, says Graham Shear. From offering a clear menu that explains each dish in detail, to a fast delivery time of the order, to good service when requesting it.