With it’s September 2020 premiere, The Rapture Of Caucasians is free to watch globally and can be found at https://www.dailymotion.com/wmwmenterprises

The Producer of The Rapture Of Caucasisions stated that the short documentary, based on the Nordic species, reveals information that will bring positive restoration by focusing on the topic of the Nordic’s during the ancient times and allowing the audience to delve further into the past by showcasing their previous realities.

Directed by Don Mauricio Manuel, the film explores the precedents of the Norid’s past and how it will revise their future. Segments of the documentary include biblical references whilst still welcoming a current, modern presence. 

For Director Manuel, the chance to share his work within an established and well recognised film festival as well as with the International Film Community is a great achievement. Gaining a larger viewer population was his main focus on this entry as he hoped to raise awareness across the film industry of the empowerment of humanity and what was needed to help heal the world. WMWM’s The Rapture Of Caucasians is his first personal film to be showcased in the festival where this message can be received by a global multitude of viewers.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Rising Of Leviathan Short Film which will be premiering in 2021.