Generally, we admire movies, and we know the best cure for boredom is movies. We usually watch movies to relax but, this COVID-19 and increased self-quarantine did our search for videos that are worth the watch. Initially, we may find some films here and there and use our time to scroll through Netflix, but now all of us are spending our time in search of good movies that shouldn’t regret our expectations and if you don’t want to invest in Netflix, you can use (https://freeaccountsonline.com/). So, I decided to put a list of 5 videos here to get rid of your boredom.   

GET OUT (2017) – English

Get out is a thriller film about benevolent racism. A young black man travels with his white girlfriend to meet her parents for the first time. What begins as an awkward visit soon turns into a horrifying struggle for his survival due to the people who he sees there are not what they seem to be. It pictures the mental and physical abuses faced by black people. “Racism”- is undeniably a social evil that persists in our society to date. It was common there that black people are accused of unnecessarily in all situations. In most of the cases, whatever the crime is, white people always target on blaming black people. The realistic fearful life of black people and how their innocence is created by the white people are depicted creatively and brilliantly. An excellent try to show-off the racist mindset people have and a must watch the movie. 

GULLY BOY (2019) – Hindi

This movie is based on the real-life story of street rappers in Mumbai. They presented the day-to-day life of the slum people realistically. The hard work of the hero’s parents to get him educated so that he could get an excellent white-collar job, but his passion and aim towards street rap got his way ahead was presented thoughtfully. This movie depicted the emotional journey of street rappers of a slum, who have the force and energy to achieve greater heights. In between, the strength, power, and guts he got from his girlfriend to do the street rap and things and their love and reliable, long-lasting bond were portrayed awfully, and it became the most beautiful part of the film which covers a large part of the audience. A must watch the movie.

CHARLIE (2015) – Malayalam

This story is a girl in search of a mysterious boy. It does not have a super good account or an excellent pantomime. It just reveals and makes us realize “there is only one life and live it as much as you can in an optimistic way”. Most of us wanted to live a life that involves adventure, travel, fighting against injustice heroically, living one among the poor and sharing their day as ours, to express our boldness in the right way, not hurting others, not being restricted to a healthy life, etc. If all these are felt satisfied just by watching a movie means it is soulful. And Charlie is one of those, which gives some emotional satisfaction. The portrayal of the characters was awesomely cool. 

PERANBU (2018) – Tamil

This movie has a separate part of defining nature in glowing and loathing terms. Each of them is connected with his life. In short, this story is about a single father who was dejected when his wife abandons him and has the responsibility to raise his daughter. Who is affected by cerebral palsy, how the father faced the stages when her daughter attained puberty, how he handles the daughter, who also reached sexual maturity. By expressing her actions and mindsets, she out rayed her maturity in sexuality, which at first made him angry and later changed him to understand the mindset and bodily needs that a girl needs or is attracted to at that age. All of them were portrayed respectably. The director beautifully depicted the reality of life that the problems in it are always never-ending, which also has a temporary solution. When long-term or permanent solutions are found, there will be nothing more beautiful and pleasure-making than our life. A must watch the movie with a hard-hitting reality and a heart-melting certainty.

PARASITE (2018) – Korean

Parasite defines a plant that depends on another for its survival. Similarly, this movie depicts two families – a wealthy family and an impoverished family, that cleverly made its entire family members enter into the wealthy family and started earning. This movie was a thought-provoking one that portrayed its view on class discrimination

This movie includes mostly all genres like romance, comedy, mystery, crime, thriller, drama, horror, tragedy. It is tough to find a film that has all the types. It expressed the realistic view of each class of people, their day-to-day life, their mindset, their energy to do anything, their aim to achieve it. Many class discrimination films are there, but this remains the best among the best. Only excellent and worth watching a movie.

The movies, as mentioned earlier, are fantastic and are of different genres irrelevant to each other. Every film is meant to relax our mind and should give us a good impact, which may sometimes be a thought-provoking one. And so, I would like to conclude by saying. These will help you to manage your boredom as well as satisfy your expectations.

Safe quarantine!