Worthily Films

With just a few cool adjustments, the Film industry can remain opened and produce with safety than other industries of the community, and I believe myself to be lucky for it.

Paul Chronnell

Worthily Films explains that it is not possible to shoot a film, a short one, with a more than 20 people team (cast and crew) along with following the guidelines of BFC (British Film Commission). It was the end of May, and we were almost ready to go, but the commission finalised COVID-19 Production Guidelines.

A script, “Waiting for Time”, written by Paul Chronnell, was the mean we probably would apply for finding out the intricacy of shooting a socially-distanced film. During Pre-Production, we make changes in the original script, and unimportant handshakes and bodily contacts were taken out to make it COVID-friendly. Luckily, Waiting for Time script aims to explore the life of a socially dysfunctional fellow. The narrative was excellent because our lead has to spend most of the time alone.

However, we were supposed to open an unchartered section, and undoubtedly we ought to have our hesitations. Could we be succeeded in this way? Will everything would likely to come together? Where to start?

First of all, we started preparations. We stocked up on suitable cleansing stocks to disinfect an entire hospital that was a hurdle in and of itself thinking of the way that some supermarket shelves remained destitute of disinfecting wipes and mitts.

After that, we emphasised that the whole team admit to a presentation that outlines the safety measures putting in place. On the set, our casting director, cast and their members were settled that we stick to a position of strengthened etiquettes. Their interests highlighted our previously performed trials, and hence, Worthy Films had ignored all the news and guidelines about film updates. We were fully combat-ready and able to stick to the guidelines of BFC.

On the set, social distancing was executed, and we put masks and gloves throughout. For dodging too many people passing routes, we set each section in a designated area. Both the guidelines of BFC and the team of “Waiting for Time” knew that it is impossible to keep a distance of two-metre during the shoot. Even when the proximity was a foremost concern, according to BFC’s guidelines, we used gloves and sanitisation.

Waiting for Time, a short film made from the script was touching on mental health. In the lockdown, we were strongly desiring and feeling the need for a story that was delivering hope’s message. On the set, we got an exceptional review from our team and were motivated for working great all together.

At this stage, we are in post-production and are getting ready for our festival series. Worthily Films are concurrently growing our slate and excited to walk into our following production. We have such honour for all the expertise that helped in this play with us. A tangible confident attitude was observed in the atmosphere, and that was the only catching part of the adventure.