Waiting for Time: First Film of Worthily Films

Worthily Films, An Independent Company based in Central London, that is founded by Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod for production of short films. Waiting for Time is their first short film produced mostly online. The Bashford Twins direct this film, and Paul Chronnell writes its story and script.

As it was the first film shoot after lockdown, so we ask the directors, Liam Bashford and Kyle Bashford some questions about their working experience in the film. We were exploring and discovering all about the process of film and the goals and plans of the directors.

Working on the Film:

For keeping everyone safe at the set of Worthily Films, Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth, Producer and Executive Producer respectively, made a lot of planning and preparations during Corona Pandemic and development of Waiting for Time film.

The work even casting before the film was taken into account through Zoom meeting. Then we met Ariyon Bakare and Jade Harrison at rehearsing face to face before the commencement of the film. By keeping social distancing, everything was moving so relaxed and enjoyable as it was deemed.

The excitement went at the peak when filming started, and we were back to the Worthily Films set to perform and shoot film with super 16mm. Our dream has got an opportunity from Worthily Films of shooting on super 16mm, and it became true.

Biggest Accomplishment:

During the journey, we have accomplished several things, and the one that makes us proud is getting into the carrier of filming. We were brought up in a small town Blackburn of Lancashire. For becoming a film director, the town was not offering enough opportunities, and consequently, we sold our equipment and moved to London. At Pinewood Studios, in the beginning, we worked for free and finally started to create our films.

Favourite thing about the Industry:

The great thing about the Industry was meeting with new people and working with them to explore what we like. Our motive is to understand by those people who are involved in the film industry, and we are going to form a family. You build trust all around, and for the sake of your bright future, you join everyone with excitement in every new project. The Industry is full of fun at each stage while doing commercial shoots or directing a music video.

Future Plans:

When we were 13, we aim to get the BAFTA and Academy Award for Best Director, but right now, we were enjoying our career-building process as directors. We were enthusiastic about creating this film and not were running in a race to direct a feature film falling on our lap. We were in patience and wanted to shoot a feature film or TV series in the future projects with Worthily Films.

The first short film, “Waiting for Time”, is in Post-Production at this Time, but we are getting ready for a positive festival sequence. Paul Chronell, the Script Writer, has also been working on new feature scripts and TV series.