Primo Dialler has quickly developed a mobile app to help call centres around the world to work remotely.

With the lockdown in place, many call centres wondered how they could continue to operate without going into the office. Moving equipment or supplying new equipment seemed to be a complex and costly solution.

A UK based tech company called Primo Dialler quickly jumped to the rescue by adapting their software to be mobile friendly and releasing an Android App. This allows agents to access the call centre software by simply using their mobile phone.

“Many call centres operate in offices around the world, very few of them work remotely. All of a sudden these offices were forced to close, leaving many unable to operate and pay staff. We needed to act quickly to find a resolution which could help the industry and save jobs.” Said Abdul Kawsar Head of Sales.

He continued “We raised the issues with our in house development team who worked together to firstly adapt our software to work on a mobile device and then launch our very first app on the Google Play store.”

The first development which allowed agents to access their devices using a browser on an Android device was released within a week of lockdown. Closely followed by iOS compatibility and most recently a full Android App.

Instead of requiring a computer or laptop and a headset, using can simply login with their Primo Dialler credentials and are able to access their usual agent capabilities.

“With the majority of call centres running traditional office-based centres, we knew we had to act quickly to adapt our offering to help out. Keeping businesses going is helping the economy during this difficult period. As there is no current end in sight, it’s important to help as many businesses as we can.” Commented Mohammed Mashadi Head of Strategy.

About Primo Dialler

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