One of the best ways to spend less on a high-performance scanner is to buy a certified refurbished unit. Every refurbished digital scanner undergoes inspection and renewal for ongoing functionality. Find out whether to repair or replace your current scanner, why certification matters for refurbished devices and where to buy a certified refurbished scanner.

Repair or Replace

If your scanner stops working, you might not be sure whether to repair or replace the unit. There are several factors to consider to make the most cost-effective choice:

  • Unit age
  • Unit features
  • Cost to repair
  • Time constraints

If your scanner is more than a few years old, you might want to upgrade to a later new or refurbished model. Scanning technology has advanced significantly in recent years to allow for more accurate optical character recognition and improved image processing. Faster scanning speeds or larger automatic document feeder capacity could also justify an upgrade.

You should also compare the estimated cost of repairs to the price of a new or refurbished scanner. Your scanning workload can also be an important factor. If you need a working scanner sooner rather than later, you might want to just replace your current scanner rather than wait for a repair.

Certified Refurbishing

Refurbished scanners only qualify for certification after inspection, testing, cleaning and renewal by trained technicians. These experts use genuine parts to renew or repair scanners before recalibrating these units for the highest level of performance.

When you buy a certified refurbished unit, you can count on a 90-day limited warranty and the same customer support as buyers of new scanners. These benefits set certified refurbished scanners apart from used units without certification.

Shop Refurbished Units

You can browse the full selection of certified refurbished document scanners to see which models are currently available. The ability to choose from a range of models can help you decide whether you want to buy a unit with comparable specifications to your current scanner or upgrade.

If you do not already own a scanner, you can review the features and specs of the available scanners to choose the right model. You can also look for deals on a portable monitor, projector, printer or other peripheral and input devices.

Save On Refurbished Scanners

Saving money is the main reason to purchase a refurbished scanner. These units often cost significantly less than new models. Buying a refurbished scanner could help you save up to several hundred dollars. You might even be able to get a certified refurbished scanner that has more features than you could afford with a new scanner. You can also find deals on Topre keyboards and other products.

When you buy a certified refurbished scanner, you can trust that you are purchasing a device that has been inspected and restored by experts using authentic parts. A refurbished imaging device can provide years of reliable use for a lower up-front cost than a new scanner. Start by comparing the features and prices of the certified refurbished scanners that are currently available for sale.