Life Surge: Transforming Lives Through Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s no coincidence that Life Surge’s in-person events attract upwards of 100,000 people annually. The Florida-based Christian movement is bringing its powerful message of building wealth, better community, and business practices through fellowship and faith to cities across America — and the faithful are flocking to join in.

“We are uniquely entrepreneurial,” Joe Johnson, the founder of Life Surge, says. “At the end of the day, results do matter for us. And if we’re not changing people’s lives, we’re not interested in doing it.”

Life Surge itself is an optimistic acronym. The letters in Surge stand for Surge-obsessed — an homage to “growing personally and professionally, spiritually, and creatively”; Uniquely entrepreneurial; Results-driven; God-centered; and Excellent. The organization teaches the “four W’s of kingdom impact,” melding business and faith with “worship, wisdom, work, and wealth.”

“Whatever we do, we do with excellence,” Johnson adds. “If you come to a Life Surge stage, you will know that right away. This organization is excellent.”

TikTok personality MCInspires — who also goes by Mr Health&Wealth and posts under the handle blacksuperman_amc — agreed. He deemed his time at an Irvine Life Surge experience as “a great and amazing conference.

“We met a lot of wonderful people this conference and got some great life lessons. Just learning the different tools of money and how to use money to invest or to trade with is such a powerful thing when you’re learning to build wealth.”

The Inspiring Dream Team Igniting Life Surge Events 

A driving force behind Life Surge’s mission is its focus on in-person connection and networking — something Johnson says really sets his movement apart during an era of artificial intelligence and constant Zoom meetings.

“I think most of us have been through a virtual event and we see how untransformative it is because most of us get caught up in day-to-day work, and we start doing the project,” Johnson admits. “I really do think the human connection of being live and in person, in community with people in your backyard, in essence, from your own community who are searching for something greater, adds a lot, adds a lot that other people do not have.”

Life Surge hosts one-day events in cities across the nation, bringing some of the brightest stars in the Christian community to grace its stages such as actor Kelsey Grammer, supermodel turned philanthropist Kathy Ireland, bestselling author and renowned executive coach John Maxwell, and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic. Despite being born without limbs, Vujicic is a sought-after speaker thanks to his unwavering joy, infectious zest for life, and unstoppable determination. Millions have had their lives transformed by Vujicic’s paradigm-shattering perspective that no circumstance is too daunting when your faith is in God.

Former NFL player Tim Tebow’s faith has been an unstoppable force throughout his life, and he’s been a profoundly uplifting speaker at Life Surge. The two-time college national champion quarterback mixes humility and humor and presents a challenge to embrace God’s plan.

In addition to the speakers, Life Surge invites top Christian recording artists to the stage to keep the momentum going with performers such as Taya, Chris Tomlin, and Jeremy Camp.

“We were just in Seattle two weeks ago and I think we sold 8,000 tickets for that event, and we did a gospel presentation for those who wanted to change their lives and give their lives to Christ,” Joe Johnson shares.

“We had 1,257 people stand up and give their lives to Christ. That’s a very important transformational moment. But they did it because they were part of a community. They weren’t alone. And you could stand and see over a thousand people who were making the same decision as you’re making at the same time.”

Feeling that sense of belonging is a big part of what’s inspiring others to turn to Life Surge, especially in 2024, when many middle-class Americans claim they’re financially struggling. In an Urban Institute poll commissioned by the National True Cost of Living Coalition, it was reported that 65% of American families earning a minimum of $60,000 a year struggle financially.

It’s just one of many reasons so many are turning to Life Surge for hopeful solutions.

Rebecca attended Life Surge Phoenix in 2023 and shared her experience in a TikTok video.

“It was a reconnection with God. It was a really amazing, incredible event,” Rebecca said. “Every speaker had its own story. Every speaker gave really great insight of what they’ve gone through. I love the fact that God is so good and I love to remember what he’s done in our lives and that he’s not done. It’s just one step at a time and he’s not done with what our mission is. So that’s what I love about this event.”

Jessica of the “Learning/Living/Being” YouTube channel shared a video of what her experience was like attending a Life Surge gathering.

“It was an amazing day. Incredible speakers. Amazing people,” Jessica said in her video. “I stayed all day and it was completely interesting. I was engaged the entire time.”