The Many Services Offered by your Local Plumber in Sutherland Shire

Everything is evolving over time and that includes plumbers; there was once a time when the only services offered by a local plumbing contractor were leaking pipes and faucets, not anymore, however. If you are a Sutherland Shire homeowner, here are some of the services that your local plumber can offer.

Blocked drains

If you are unlucky enough to experience a backed-up drain (something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy), resist the temptation to solve the problem with a DIY fix. The best solution is to contact a leading Sutherland Shire plumber, a professional who has both the know-how and the resources to pinpoint the blockage. The plumber uses hi-tech solutions like CCTV buggies that are sent down the drain to give the tradesman a close-up view of the drain interior. If you try a self-fix, the first thing you have to do is find the blockage and that in itself is a huge task; if you do somehow manage to find the blockage, you then have to unblock it, which is never an easy task.

Burst water pipe repairs

Mains water is pressurised and sooner or later, a joint or seal will spring a leak; if the leak is not addressed, water will fill your home and the damage could be massive. If you discover a ruptured water pipe, turn off the water supply as soon as you can, then call your local plumber and clear the area so he can work when he arrives.

Pipe relining

Pipe relining is a clever way to deal with a broken section of pipe; it works by putting a plastic sleeve in place, then inflating it to provide a temporary pipe through which waste can flow. What’s more, you do not have to dig up half the garden to fix a broken section of drainpipe. This cheap fix is a firm favourite among Australian homeowners and for very good reason. If you are looking to make some extra money, here are a few home-based opportunities.

Supply & installation of a rainwater harvesting system

Many Australian property owners are now harvesting rainwater that falls on their land, which is a wonderful way to live independently; of course, you don’t have to disconnect from the mains water system, yet you can make good use of rainwater. Your Sutherland Shire plumber can supply and install a rainwater tank, while also setting up the piping and connections.

Gas hot water system, supply, installation, service and repair

If your hot water system has seen better days, why not ask your local plumber to quote for the supply and installation of a new gas-powered hot water system. The tradesmen can service any brand of water heater, plus they can carry out any necessary repairs. You should always check that the fitter is gas-approved and is certified to work with gas.

Leaking roof repair

In many cases, a leaking roof goes undetected and this can cause some serios damages to upstairs ceiling and roof joists. It might be a cracked or lost roof time; storm damage is common in coastal regions and the sooner you have the roof repaired, the better. If your guttering is full of wet leaves, the plumber can remove all debris, leaving your guttering able to steer excess rainwater away from the roof where it can’t do any damage. You are probably surprised at what a plumber can do; they are prepared to learn new skills and acquire the necessary equipment in order to provide an in-demand service.

Bathroom appliances, supply & installation

Whether you are looking for a new shower, toilet or bathroom sink, your local plumber has you covered. Indeed, a qualified plumber can handle a major bathroom renovation, in case you were thinking of a home improvement

Power wash

It might be your terrace, your driveway or even your roof. Some plumbers have invested in a high-pressure power wash machine that can restore surfaces to their original state. Stone cladding gathers dirt and grime, which can instantly be removed with a high-pressure water jet.

If you are relatively new to home ownership, we recommend pre-sourcing a few essential trades, as you will require their services at some time in the future. When that time comes, you won’t have to scramble around searching for a plumber, simply bring up the number in your smartphone.