The Australian capital territory, Queensland, and South Australia are great places to build new homes. These territories have instituted new policies to increase housing availability. Tasmania has initiatives in the transportation and communications sectors that are curbing the unemployment issue for the future.

Brisbane is the real estate price growth leader due to town and suburb growth. Sydney remains the highest-priced market for urban and rural houses. The bush capital of Canberra has the world’s largest homes in the little capital city.

Production, custom, speculative (spec), or luxury home builders remain in business by repeatedly satisfying new construction home buyers.

  • Building a neighbourhood of homes from their inventory of designs and floorplans, production builders own the development land. They build for general sales, not specific buyers. They keep building costs down by buying bulk materials for construction. Homeowner variations and personality are included in colour choices and interior design. It takes efficient systems to build 100 homes per project. It is easier for production builders to retain quality staff due to forecasting build projects. Also known as tract builders.
  • Custom homes allow for complete personal design. The land, architectural drawings, and materials are unique to your build. In most custom homes the owner procured the property before building. Some custom builders may also offer land/build options. Due to their individuality custom homes take longer to build. Changes during construction are more challenging and expensive.
  • A speculative home is one built on land the builder owns. They build the home to meet industry speculation of homebuyer desires. They present brand new ready-to-move-in homes. This means you can have a brand-new home without waiting one year for it to be built. It is a hands-off process of construction for the buyer. Building is usually cheaper as they purchase materials in bulk planned against forecasted projects.
  • To build a dream home contact a luxury home They offer complete tailoring in design, personalization, and location. The quality of craftsmanship is much higher as build team members are company employees, not second-hand workers.  Luxury homes are in high demand but what home isn’t in high demand in Australia? Luxury home builders and real estate agents are flexible and accommodating to changes. Communication channels are open to save time during changes of design or materials.

The construction site of any home being built does not project images of efficiency. Certain home construction design types offer more eco-friendly build processes. Prefabricated or modular homes that are delivered to the building site in sections can be efficiently erected at one location, removing the host of needs for satellite building.

  • Tiny homes can be mobile and extremely eco-friendly. Easier and cheaper to build, this efficient size extends the efficiency to your lifestyle. A tiny home will use fewer utilities, be easier to maintain, and offer more personalization on a small scale. A minimalist lifestyle with less clutter would find a happy home in one of these.
  • A duplex home is two homes attached in one structure. This type is more affordable due to the additional home to rent to a third party. A duplex can offer different tax benefits to the owner. There have been resale issues but not in this market. Two homes are more expensive than one to build. A duplex costs more than one home but less than two to build.
  • If you are a nature and outdoor lover, mid-century modern maybe your home style. The functional architecture is sleek and allows for closer connectivity to nature around us. These homes are designed to create airflow and visual movement with structure. If you keep an eye on the materials you use in construction, these homes can be priced reasonably.
  • Greek and Mediterranean revival designs are identified by their balanced dimensions. This classical style is popular due to its balance with surroundings and simple design. Large front porches and coulombs make for impressive entryways and curb views.
  • The classic single-family, stand-alone home can come in many variations. Here in Australia, we like the four-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-park home style the most, filled by 40% of all Aussies.

The Australian government has a variety of new home construction grant programs. You should become familiar with them. Some territories offer a $15,000 grant. Due to the availability crisis prior regulations and zoning are being changed to accommodate more residential housing construction.

There do not seem to be any signs of the construction market slowing for the next five years, at least. Now seems to be an excellent time to invest although maybe not the best time to build. Either way, your home will consume a large portion of your income. Live in the home you want to pay for.