A Rochester, NY-based speciality foods company has donated $2000 to Foodlink after the owner made a commitment to support those in need.

Flower City Flavor Company produces small-batch and gourmet food products such as hot sauces, seasonings, and olive oils. Founded by Chris Whitehair in 2017, the company serves customers throughout the United States.

Recently, Flower City Flavor Company collaborated with New York Chips to enhance their salt and vinegar flavour, using its Bourbon Barrel Malt Vinegar.

Chris promised to reciprocate the generosity and business mentorship he received from Karma Sauce’s Gene Olczak and Don Maxwell over the years. He decided to donate all the royalties earned so far from the partnership to Foodlink, a Rochester-based non-profit dedicated to the safe storage and distribution of emergency food to those in need.

Chris was invited to take a full tour of the Foodlink headquarters, where he presented the organisation with a cheque for $2020.80.

Chris said: “I took inspiration from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and their similar generosity with Food Bank of Central New York following their own New York Chips BBQ flavour collaboration in deciding how best to use these funds for the greatest impact.

“I knew Foodlink was a large operation, but walking through the warehouse was an eye-opening experience. Hearing the numbers of how many people in the ten-county area are in need really put things into perspective. I hope my donation makes a small difference to the crucial and inspiring work Foodlink does for our community every day.”

Beth Hershel, VP of Development and Community Engagement at Foodlink, said: “Foodlink is grateful for the collaboration between New York Chips and Flower City Flavor Company to raise funds for Foodlink during a critical time. Recent reports showing a sharp rise in food insecurity in recent years prove why community partnerships such as this one are needed to address both the symptoms and root causes of hunger in our region.”

The collaboration with New York Chips is a significant milestone for Flower City Flavor Company, which Chris continues to run alongside his day job as an SEO Specialist.

Chris added: “It continues to be an honour to be mentioned in the same category as so many legendary brands like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which are part of the New York Chips flavour collaborations, and that I can walk into major retailers like Wegmans Food Markets, Tops Markets, and Walmart and see my logo on the shelves.

“As much as I enjoy my day job, my dream is to one day be able to grow the company enough to run it full-time. I have new products and new collaborations on the horizon, so the future is looking exciting.”

For more information on Flower City Flavor Company, visit flowercityflavor.com.