FUT Moments is a game mode many people seem to skip over, perhaps in favor of starting to spend cheap FC 24 coins on their favorite players. However, this isn’t something we really recommend. In fact, FC 24’s FUT Moments is something that every single player will want to check out, and here are some of the reasons why.

It’s Fun

Honestly, the whole reason why we are playing games like FC 24 is because we want to have fun. FUT Moments is fun. It is short snippets of gameplay, often based around a real event, that you can experience and hopefully ‘win’.

While FUT Moments has been designed for newcomers to the game, some of the challenges can get pretty tricky to overcome, so there’s a lot of replay value there. EA are always adding new moments into FUT Moments too, which means that you can enjoy a few awesome moments to play through every in-game season or so.

Some of the stuff is pretty unique too. For example, FIFA 23 had a whole mode dedicated to Ted Lasso, which you would have loved if you had watched the TV show.

It Will Teach You the Game

One of the main aims of FUT Moments, at least with some of the earliest ‘challenges’ is to teach you the basics of playing EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. You’ll learn how to shoot, pass, build up tactics, etc. etc. All of this is going to be essential information if you want to tackle the online world of FC 24 and (hopefully) win.

Even if you’ve played FC games before (or the previous FIFA), it is still worth diving into FUT Moments, as you’ll often be introduced to some of the new gameplay mechanics included with that particular version of the game.

There’s tons of lessons to work your way through. Even if you know what you are doing, we suggest that you go through all of them because…(and this leads us very neatly to the next part).

Lots of Rewardable Content

When you complete FUT Moments challenges, you’ll unlock stars. These can be used to purchase new packets of cards in the game. This means that you can give your Ultimate Team a bit of a boost without spending any cash. Every so often, there may also be rewards that you can only pick up in FUT Moments too. For example, you might be able to pick up a few cool, unique cards. You may also be able to grab yourself some awesome kits, etc. through FUT Moments.

Check out FUT Moments Today

So, there you have it – plenty of reasons why you should be playing FUT Moments in FC 24. If you want the rewards from FUT Moments, but don’t want to spend the time playing, then you can always buy FIFA boosting from places like U7buy.com, where you can give your FC 24 account a nice boost for the smallest amount of effort.