Carla Cargo is the largest and safest cargo trailer on the market. The electric Carla inspires with a great driving experience and makes it possible to transport large loads quickly and comfortably. Loadhog is the manufacturer of innovative and reusable transport packaging solutions.

Carla Cargo had the idea of using standardised Euronorm containers. In combination with Loadhog, the company has managed to develop a brand new, sustainable concept to transport heavy loads in urban areas.

Even though Euronorm containers are used in all industries, standardised containers are difficult to transport by cargo bike. The need for new urban transport solutions has thus been growing over the last year. This is how the Carla Cargo & Loadhog project was born. But how does their concept actually work?

Thomas Seifert, Set up Manager at Carla Cargo explains:

“Our two solutions work perfectly together. Our concept is made of the Carla, the Pally, the lid and the containers. It’s a very clever solution. It all works together. Both products represent a holistic solution for the last mile by cargo bike.”

Loadhog’s Pally Lid system makes the transport of containers very simple. For the loading and transport of classic Euro pallets, a pallet truck, which is usually provided on site, is required. Thanks to the integrated trolley, the Pally eliminates the need for a pallet truck and does no longer require resources on site. The Loadhog pallet lid with integrated tensioning straps enables optimum load unit securing of the containers on the Carla.

Even though this innovative project still needs a little time to become known, this system already shows many advantages compared to the traditional Euro pallet solution.

The entire delivery process is simplified: The customer orders. The goods are picked and then loaded. No waste is generated. Waste reduction is becoming a very important goal for companies. The Carla can be driven on cycle paths in the city without generating CO2 emissions. The service provider himself can bring a large number of containers directly to the customer without having to carry each container in individually. A cost-saving and environmentally friendly solution!

One thing is certain: the growth of e-commerce and the large number of deliveries per day in urban areas make the development of such a solution necessary. Carla Cargo and Loadhog are thus pioneering the future of urban logistics. Stay tuned!