Wild Door Publishing is delighted to present the first literary venture by Emery Blaine, ‘Where the Silence Sings’, anticipated for release on 18 June 2024.

The debut novel serves as the enthralling introduction to The Symphonic Masquerade series, focusing on themes of self-identity, resilience, and enlightenment within an imaginative future-fantasy setting. Tackling motifs of mourning and unconventional kinships, the forthcoming book is poised to appeal to enthusiasts of adventurous narratives that delve into sombre terrains while highlighting the guiding beacons of hope.

“There are numerous impactful moments that lead to the conception we have of who we are and what we mean in relation to the world around us. I wanted to explore that idea through a more fantastical lens, where certain themes could manifest as tangibly as they could metaphorically. In this story, we follow a cast of flawed characters who might fancy themselves one thing, but find out through circumstance that they are perhaps not what they and others have painted them to be. This is a tale of discovery, personal and external, and everything that comes along with that.” – Author Emery Blaine

Amid an unfolding crisis, when a universe-spanning broadcast halts Aeyun and his companions amidst a heist, revealing the ruthless dethroning of Raenaru’s elite leaders, Aeyun faces a pivotal decision: to seek his personal verity or, with his ragtag allies, unearth the destiny of Raeyu Thasian, his once intimate companion and heir of a venerable lineage, to whom his destiny is deeply intertwined. The aftermath makes it clear: the repercussions of Aeyun’s choices are inescapable.

In voluntary exile, Aeyun embraces a smuggler’s life, dealing in ores. His unique skill in metallurgy has earned him a place among a group of ethical outlaws who support his hunt for a mysterious ore that seems responsive only to him.

Seraeyu Thasian, the insurgent younger progeny of the Thasian envoy, suddenly finds himself entwined with unforeseen authority. Yet such power is seldom bestowed without a cost.

The existence of a mercenary is inherently complex, especially when unexpected guests are the sole link to the dear Raeyu Thasian. Nonetheless, Sakaeri is determined to aid the only family she ever chose.

Availability will be through Ingram Content Group and Gardners Books Ltd. More information can be found at www.wilddoorpublishing.com.