On 14 March, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, officially named the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony and led by Chairman Lee Man-Hee, observed its 40th anniversary with a grand ceremony at the Cheongpyeong Shincheonji Peace Training Centre. The event saw the participation of over 30,000 attendees on-site, with a global congregation joining through live and online broadcasts.

This anniversary event served as a moment to reflect on the church’s journey since its foundation on 14 March 1984 and to articulate its future aspirations and commitments. The church reiterated its pledge to continue serving its societal role, embodying the principles of being light and salt in the community.

The ceremony was attended by around 30,000 members of the congregation on-site and was simultaneously broadcasted to 66 countries, allowing the global Shincheonji Church of Jesus community to participate in the celebrations both in person and virtually.

Given the significant number of attendees in relation to the capacity of the Cheongpyeong venue, the event was meticulously organized with a focus on safety and orderly conduct. The church drew upon its extensive experience from previously hosting large-scale events to ensure a seamless and safe celebration for all participants.

Chairman Lee Man-Hee offered insights into the church’s growth, attributing it to divine support: “It was a very humble beginning. However, many people have come to this day because God sent angels from heaven as stated in the Bible.” He emphasized the need for an informed faith and adherence to God’s will: “Jesus also gave up his whole body and wanted to do God’s will. So today, we must not have blind faith, but we must know God and our wishes and have His will done.” Chairman Lee also stressed the importance of community and outreach: “We must follow God’s will and come out to our neighbours. “We must love together,” and highlighted the significance of biblical education, “The number of people learning about the Book of Revelation, which is God’s purpose written in the Bible, is increasing. I am grateful,” encouraging the community to actively spread the word and contribute to a better world: “let’s ensure that more people are saved through the Word. Let’s work together to create a better world.”

The educational efforts of the church, particularly through the Zion Christian Mission Center, have achieved significant milestones, reflecting the church’s dedication to spreading its teachings.

Moreover, the church has actively engaged in fostering inter-church relations, promoting scriptural exchange and unity within the global religious community, which has led to numerous partnerships and collaborative efforts worldwide.

A spokesperson for the church expressed contentment with the successful organization and execution of the event, particularly highlighting the effective safety measures and orderly conduct: “as we prepared the event with an emphasis on safety and order, we feel rewarded for the smooth progress of the event.”

The spokesperson also extended appreciation to the congregation for their active participation and compliance with the guidance provided, “We would like to thank the congregations who actively participated in the guidance,” and reaffirmed the church’s commitment to being a positive example in society and fulfilling its community roles, “This year, we will establish ourselves as a church that sets an example for society and fulfills its social role as a church community, becoming a church that is light and salt.”