JamPrime, together with its sister firm Jam Press, is demonstrating its strong commitment to work-life balance and the well-being of its staff by giving all employees a day off on the notable occasion of February 29th, a leap year day that only occurs once every four years.

In recognising the special significance of this day, Jam has opted to commemorate it by providing its team with a deserved day of leisure. “This Thursday is not just any other day; it marks the rare occurrence of February 29th, a leap year day that comes only once every four years,” stated CEO Ben Nicholls.

“We could have capitalised on this extra day for more work, but life is too short for that. Instead, we want our staff at Jam Press and JamPrime to enjoy this bonus day in any way they choose.”

This gesture of a day off reflects the company’s ethos that, although work is a crucial part of life, it is equally important to maintain a balance and allow time for personal enjoyment and relaxation. The company is encouraging its employees to spend their day off pursuing their passions, whether it be a leisurely walk, losing themselves in a captivating book, catching up with friends, dealing with personal errands, or simply relaxing at home.

“We see this as a small gesture of appreciation for the hard work, commitment, and resilience each team member has shown,” a spokesperson for the company mentioned. “It’s our way of acknowledging the importance of personal time for rejuvenation and joy.”

The company also invites its staff to use this unique day to try something new or to revisit a hobby they haven’t had time for recently. “I’ll be going for a surf!” declared the CEO, highlighting the many ways employees can make the most of their day off.

Jam Press is hopeful that this day off will not only bring joy and reinvigorate its employees but also set a positive example for the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace.

“Let’s leap into the rest of the year with a sense of renewal, ready to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with vigour and enthusiasm!” the spokesperson added.

For more insights into Jam Press and its initiatives, please reach out to info@jampress.co.uk