Entrepreneurial Spark is delighted to unveil the progression of its latest venture, Fusion Connect with Capital, in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and Exotopic. This premier investment completion initiative is designed to propel forward-thinking Space entrepreneurs and stimulate investment within the UK’s Space sector. The programme is set to achieve this by introducing new investors to the sector through engaging Investor Lounges and exclusive Demo Days scheduled for April and June.

The Current Landscape of the Space Economy

The Space sector is witnessing a remarkable annual growth rate of 21% in private investment, driving the emergence of an innovative start-up landscape. This new breed of companies is transforming the Space sector into a predominantly commercial arena, with the commercial segment now representing a significant 77% of the global Space market.

The Space Sector: A New Frontier for Investors

The Space sector’s allure is evident in the significant uptick in private investment, nurturing a burgeoning ecosystem of trailblazing ventures. Over the past year, seed investment in the Space sector has soared by an impressive 55%. Yet, the path to investing in Space is fraught with challenges.

Despite high valuations, the Space sector’s inherent and considerable risks deter many potential investors. Fluctuating regulations and the uncertain reliability of space launches can dissuade investors from exploring the sector’s vast opportunities.

Space infrastructure is pivotal to modern life, underpinning services from navigation to weather forecasting. However, the sector remains somewhat enigmatic to many, with limited awareness of Space initiatives and their terrestrial benefits, leading to a hesitancy among potential investors due to a lack of familiarity with the Space market.

Building Investor Confidence in the Space Economy

Fusion Connect with Capital aims to demystify the Space economy through its informative Investor Lounges. These sessions will feature insights from leading experts into the Space economy’s dynamics and the achievements of prominent Space firms, equipping investors with the knowledge to confidently navigate the Space investment landscape.

Following these enlightening sessions, investors will meet Fusion’s select group of thirteen Space entrepreneurs at two exclusive Demo Days. These entrepreneurs, having completed Fusion’s intensive investment programme, will be poised to engage in investment discussions. Their ventures span various sectors, including health and fitness, AI, and monitoring, offering investors a unique glimpse into the UK Space sector’s most promising early-stage companies.

Upcoming Investor Lounges and Demo Days

Fusion Connect with Capital will host Investor Lounges on the 21st of March and 18th of April, focusing on the UK Space ecosystem, start-up hotspots, and the supportive roles of academia and government.

Investors are also invited to the exclusive Demo Days on 30th April in London and 12th June in Leeds, showcasing some of the UK Space sector’s most innovative start-ups.

For more information on the programme and upcoming events, please visit our here.