Spencer Schar

As a proud goldendoodle owner, entrepreneur Spencer Schar knows all too well the unique qualities of this popular crossbreed. A “designer” mix, the goldendoodle was originally bred in the 1960s to serve as a guide dog.

A cross between the intelligent and reliable golden retriever and the highly trainable poodle, goldendoodles can vary considerably in size, as poodles come in both standard and miniature sizes. One of the biggest attractions of the goldendoodle is its non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat, a quality inherited from its poodle ancestors.

Athletic, lovable, and highly intelligent, goldendoodles are typically great with children and other pets. Ranging in size from 13 to 26 inches and weighing anywhere between 15 and 100 pounds, the goldendoodle’s characteristic coat tends to be curly or wiry, although some goldendoodles have straight fur.

Coat color can vary considerably, ranging from cream, gold, or white to gray, brown, red, black, or a combination of colors. Originating in the United States, goldendoodles have been used as pets, therapy dogs, guide dogs, agility dogs, diabetic dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Their patience, lovability, and eagerness to please their human companions have made them an increasingly popular choice for family dogs in recent years.

Like all designer breeds, the goldendoodle is not truly a breed of its own but a delightful hybrid dog breed. These charming canines embody the best of both breeds. Sociable, friendly, and highly intelligent, goldendoodles are generally easy to train.

The goldendoodle is an active dog that enjoys going for walks, playing fetch, and swimming. For those seeking a loyal and loving companion they make an excellent choice, and they are a good fit for both novice dog owners and experienced canine families alike.

Although goldendoodles are generally a healthy hybrid breed, it is important for prospective owners to seek out reputable breeders to ensure their pet’s safety and health. Weekly brushing is important, with many owners preferring to keep their dog’s long coat clipped, particularly in the summer months.

The goldendoodle is a moderately energetic breed that requires a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise. As they require space to roam, having a fenced yard is helpful, although they will primarily want to be with their owners when they are home.

Suitable for rural and urban environments alike, goldendoodles are easy to train, highly sociable animals. They also make excellent working dogs and are often used as service or therapy dogs.