Sixth Wave Ventures makes first investments and promises more to come in 2024

Wave Ventures, a UK-based investment group, has announced exciting new plans to develop its Angel Investment Fund in 2024.

Operated via Sixth Wave Angel Group (SWAG), the fund invests directly in early-stage companies developing proprietary technologies that tackle fundamental global challenges using science-backed approaches.

Most recently, Sixth Wave Ventures led the seed round of D-time Ltd, helping them fund the development of their Dtechtive platform. The £245,000 raised will enable D-time to build technology that will generate enormous value for data search engines like Google.

The fund can also count InferSens, a deep tech business with an innovative solution to managing water flow and identifying leakages, and Acua Ocean, a company that develops and deploys hydrogen-powered maritime autonomous surface ships as offshore IoT data platforms, among its first three investments in late 2023.

As part of several exciting plans for 2024, Sixth Wave Ventures has committed to making a further 10 investments in 2024, with investees supported by a team of industry experts and mentors to maximise their chances of success and to provide co-investment support for additional fundraising.

Darren Shaw, Founding Partner at Sixth Wave Ventures, said: “In September, we set out to build an angel group that could invest in our carefully selected start-ups in a committed and timely manner. I’m delighted with how our investor base has grown in just a few short months, and we look forward to increasing our numbers and further enhancing our investment potential over the next 12 months.

“We are now looking to provide follow-on funding to support the growth potential of our invested businesses, with a ‘Capital-on-Demand’ solution, which we hope will radically address the pain points often associated with future funding challenges.”

In 2024, Sixth Wave Ventures will be taking new applications from Founders, and those who wish to join its teams – SWAG (Sixth Wave Angel Group), and SWAT (Sixth Wave Advisory Team).


Sixth Wave Ventures is an investment group and community of industry experts on a mission to give state-of-the-art start-ups in the UK better access to early-stage investment and expert non-executive directors, mentors, and advisors.

The UK-based investment group comprises a team of founders, investors, and advisors who all see a huge gap between angels, groups, and risk-averse venture capitalists in the early-stage and seed-funding space.

As a result, the founder-led initiative, backed by fund professionals, has big plans to disrupt and change how start-ups tackling the world’s fundamental problems are funded and supported from the early stages of commercialisation.

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