As a pioneer in leak test solutions, ForTest has launched the Dual Absolute T8090, a revolutionary instrument designed to address the specific testing needs of electric car equipment, thereby boosting their performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Components of electric cars like batteries, circuits, cooling systems, and packs are at risk of leaks. Making these parts leak-proof is crucial to prevent dissatisfaction among users and avert substantial losses. This is especially important in off-road vehicles, where waterproof battery packs are necessary to prevent dust from compromising the components, which could result in performance and safety issues.

For car manufacturers and suppliers, the leak testing of automobile parts has become a key aspect of their production process, focusing on improving stability and efficiency. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, more comprehensive leakage testing on both the battery pack and charging stations has become imperative, requiring leak test instruments to adhere to higher performance standards.

In response to these challenges, ForTest has created the Dual Absolute T8090, a new leak testing equipment for automobiles. This equipment innovatively blends the traditional absolute-decay method with the precision and sensitivity of differential systems.

Historically, electric car components have been tested using pressure decay, classic differential, and visual methods. However, these techniques can be unreliable and slow, often missing critical leaks in battery packs and other components, leading to significant quality and safety issues.

The introduction of the Dual Absolute T8090 promises a significant increase in the production rates of the automobile industry. It allows simultaneous testing of two components, effectively halving cycle times with the implementation of its safe zero center mode.

The Dual Absolute T8090 features highly sensitive sensors for detecting faults and measurements, comparable to classical differential systems. This makes it a valuable asset for the automotive e-mobility sector, especially as it does not require periodic maintenance due to its circuit optimisation and efficient parts, unlike traditional differential instruments.

Traditional capacitive differential systems are adversely affected by humidity, which can cause considerable damage to batteries and lead to increased costs. The Dual Absolute T8090, however, features a Solid-State Measure (SSM) that is not affected by humidity, thereby obviating the need for the costly compressed air filtering systems required for traditional methods.