ButterflyGP, inspired by the symbol of transformation, has been a trusted partner for print sellers and traders for over two decades. By providing trade printing services, ButterflyGP enables its customers to evolve and expand their businesses like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. With consistent assistance in the print industry, the company empowers its customers to achieve great success and quality in their work.

Its Specialty: Wholesale Printing Services

ButterflyGP excels at wholesale printing, which allows it to cater to various customers, such as brokers, sellers, small print shops, graphic designers, advertising and marketing agencies, and other printing-related businesses. They offer a large selection of premium, affordable products, demonstrating their ability to produce excellent results without breaking the bank. It establishes itself as the optimal choice for businesses that require printing by delivering high-quality and low-cost solutions.

Let us explore more about ButterflyGP.

Company’s History

ButterflyGP is a printing company that started in 2000 and has established a good reputation among its peers. Its mission is to empower resellers with affordable and high-quality print products. To achieve this, ButterflyGP employs the most advanced technology and equipment in the printing industry.

ButterflyGP’s dedication to delivering cheap and high-quality print products has earned the loyalty of many clients who rely on its printing services. These clients range from small to large enterprises and benefit from the excellent printing solutions that it provides. As a result, ButterflyGP has gained a reputation in the printing industry for satisfying its customers.

Commitment to Quality

ButterflyGP stands out for its quality assurance. It guarantees that every product it produces is made of premium materials, ensuring customer satisfaction. It also offers competitive pricing and price matching, which builds customer confidence.

ButterflyGP offers a price guarantee. If customers find the same product cheaper elsewhere, this company will beat that price. By balancing quality and affordability, it delivers the best value to its customers, making it a preferred option in the printing industry.

Confidentiality and NDA Guarantee

ButterflyGP values the privacy of its clients’ ideas and data, especially in the competitive reselling market. It takes measures to keep its clients’ privacy safe. It uses non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure secrecy.

ButterflyGP follows strict business practices that ensure the security of their client’s information and designs. By making this promise, ButterflyGP earns the trust of their clients, who can work on their projects with peace of mind without fearing that their valuable information or ideas will be misused.


ButterflyGP values on-time delivery as a crucial aspect of their service. They can finish orders within one to three days without compromising on the quality of their work. Their fast and accurate work makes them an ideal partner for urgent or large-scale tasks. No matter the size or complexity of the project, ButterflyGP guarantees to meet the deadlines with ease and efficiency.

Wide Range of Products

ButterflyGP provides a comprehensive range of trade printing products, from banners and adhesive prints to displays, signs, and sign hardware. Customers can choose from their diverse catalogue, which caters to different needs and preferences. With ButterflyGP, customers can find everything they need for their trade printing projects in one convenient location.

Large-Format Printing Services

ButterflyGP specializes in various printing services, such as large-format printing for signs, banners, posters, displays, etc. They employ cutting-edge technology and premium materials to produce stunning and large prints. They offer fast delivery and instant quotes for their orders. Moreover, they accommodate custom requests and tailor their services to suit all printing needs, making them a trustworthy partner for print resellers across different niches.

Customer Service

ButterflyGP prioritizes customer satisfaction above all. They constantly improve their products and services to adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. They strive to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Their customer service team is always ready to help. Whether you need to contact them by phone, email, or social media, their customer service team is always responsive and helpful.


To sum up, ButterflyGP is more than a print business. It is a reliable ally for print traders who want to grow their sales and profits. With over two decades of experience and a variety of excellent and cost-effective printing solutions, it supports its clients in overcoming challenges and achieving their goals. Inspired by the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, ButterflyGP aims to help its clients evolve and soar to new heights of success.