Story from Jam Press (KFC Model) Pictured: XXlayna Marie. 'I used to work long shifts at KFC for $11 per hour – now I earn six figures at 23 years old' A model has shared how she went from preparing fried chicken in a sleepy small town to making $1,000 a day. From the age of 17, Xxlayna Marie worked 16-hour days – splitting her time between shifts at KFC and driving a forklift truck in a warehouse. She would open up the Colonel’s chain store in Lebanon, Oregon, US, at 8 am and graft until midnight for $11 an hour, all the while imagining being rich and famous one day. Now 23 years old, Xxlayna has everything could ever want including plenty of cash in the bank – and she never has to serve fried chicken again. “Dreaming of better days got me through the long hours and gruelling work,” the model, who has 528,400 followers across social media (@xxlaynamarie_ ), told NudePR. “Then one day I decided to stop hoping for a change and took action instead to build a better life. “My body is so petite that I was too small to drop the fryers full of chicken at KFC, but I did everything else - I opened up, cleaned, put away deliveries and counted stock. “It never stopped but I always found time to imagine myself far away with free time and financial freedom. “My teenage life was full of hardship. “I was drinking every day and it quickly got out of control. “I could still work but I was constantly out on weekends partying, and my mum even kicked me out after I was in a car accident. “That meant I had to grow up fast.” Eager to make more money, Xxlayna took on work as a forklift driver at a homewares distribution centre, doing three 12-hour shifts per week for $2,000 a month. But after becoming unemployed, she decided it was time to change her future for good – by sharing sexy snaps of herself online. She said: “I thought it would be fun to maybe make some money and to feel sexy. “I had always taken boudoir shots of myself in

Xxlayna Marie, a 23-year-old model, shares an inspiring tale of transformation from enduring grueling shifts at a KFC for $11 per hour to earning a six-figure salary. Her story is a remarkable example of perseverance and achieving success against the odds.

Her journey began at 17, working long 16-hour days at KFC. Faced with teenage alcohol issues and being evicted from her home, Xxlayna’s determination to change her life’s trajectory never waned. She worked as a forklift driver in a homewares distribution center, but a significant turning point came with unemployment. She embraced this challenge, sharing bold photos on social media, leading to a rapid increase in her online following.

Her growing social media presence caught the eye of modeling and adult work agencies, opening doors to financial success and the life she had always envisioned. November 2020 marked a pivotal moment for Xxlayna when, at 20, she entered an alcohol rehab center, setting her sights on a brighter, sober future.

Today, Xxlayna resides in Las Vegas, living the dream she once imagined, filled with dazzling lights and boundless opportunities. Grateful for the support she’s received and her ability to help her family, Xxlayna looks to the future with plans to save, invest in real estate, and start a non-profit to assist those struggling with alcohol abuse.

Xxlayna Marie’s story is a powerful narrative of triumph over hardship, illustrating that with determination and a change in mindset, transformative life changes are possible.