CBD has been one of the hottest trends in the health and wellness world for several years. There are signs that this runaway train may have slowed down a little in North America. However, it remains big business in Europe, Australia, and many other parts of the world.

Over the years, brands have developed a variety of different products. Gone are the days when the only item available to you was CBD oil with a bitter taste. These days, there are dozens of options, ranging from the convenient to the ridiculous. Despite the popularity of CBD products, the industry remains poorly regulated for the most part.

This is why it is essential to focus on top-rated brands that understand the importance of producing CBD with a high level of purity and proving it. Below, we check out the CBD oil versions that top-rated companies are likely to sell. 

Why Is CBD So Appealing?

A substantial number of people choose cannabidiol for its therapeutic purposes because it doesn’t result in an intoxicating high. This is in stark contrast to the THC found in marijuana. There is evidence that CBD has many of the potential medical properties attributed to THC. Thus, it makes sense to give it a try if you’re worried about feeling intoxicated or else you’re concerned about failing a drug test at work. 

The list of reasons why people use CBD oil and other products is lengthy. Most people use it to help combat pain. However, it may also have use if you live with insomnia, stress, or anxiety. Indeed, those particular issues are often related. 

The issue with the CBD industry is that a lack of regulation permits low-grade brands to sell poor products. Thus, you need to search for brands that provide pure CBD. 

Top-Notch Brands Make a Purity Promise 

There are a myriad of reasons why the quality of CBD produced by manufacturers varies so significantly. Factors such as extraction method, hemp source, and third-party lab reports all play a huge role in determining whether you’re buying exceptional CBD oil or something that belongs in the bin. 

The best brands, such as PureKana, leave no stone unturned when it comes to producing CBD products. This begins with the hemp it chooses, which is sourced from organically farmed hemp. These plants are devoid of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals. Like other top brands, it uses the much-vaunted CO2 extraction technique to extract the relevant compounds from the hemp plant. 

When selecting a CBD oil brand, please ensure that it uses a high-quality ‘carrier’ oil, such as MCT oil. MCT is a great choice because it increases CBD absorption, which helps more of the cannabinoid get into your system. Don’t buy any products from a brand that fails to provide updated third-party lab reports. 

What CBD Oil Options Are There?

Don’t assume that there is only one type of CBD oil. Here are three common options. 

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

This type of CBD oil is packed with diverse cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN, along with terpenes and flavonoids. Full-spectrum CBD oil harnesses the “entourage effect,” where the compounds amplify each other’s benefits. It’s a top pick for those wanting comprehensive wellness support.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

If you want to avoid THC completely, broad-spectrum CBD oil is for you. It delivers the richness of the entourage effect minus the THC, making it perfect for those sensitive to THC or concerned about drug tests.

CBD Isolate Oil

For pure CBD enthusiasts, CBD isolate oil boasts 99% pure CBD, offering CBD’s core benefits in its purest form.

Select Your CBD Oil Flavor

If you’re not into CBD’s natural taste, you can always explore flavored CBD oils. Most brands sell their oils in a delicious range of flavors, including citrus, fruity, mint, and vanilla.

Your CBD Adventure

Selecting CBD oils is more than a purchase; it’s a wellness investment. Whether you’re a CBD oil novice or a seasoned pro, the wide range of products available caters to all. Since CBD’s effects can vary from person to person, you might need to experiment a bit. Start with a low-potency CBD oil and adjust as needed. 

Quality Meets Purity: Explore the Wonderful World of CBD Oil

In the CBD oil marketplace, quality and purity are paramount. The best brands in the industry are dedicated to excellence. Whether you’re on a quest for relief or general well-being, such organizations have your back. Dive into the world of CBD, find products that combine quality and purity, and see if they can help you on your wellness journey.