It might not necessarily be the time of year for gardening in the eyes of many, but it sure is an all-year-round activity that can be extremely good for you. The mental health benefits of gardening has long been known to many, it’s why many take it up in the first place.

That said, there are still many people who aren’t aware of the stress relief that gardening can provide. Many experts recommend it to their patients, whether that be for those suffering with the likes of cancer or more and more, those in private alcohol rehabs going through treatment.

That’s because of the calming, repetitive nature of it, as well as the garden often being a good project to focus on. But what are the projects you can really get stuck into in the garden to relieve stress?

Planting a Colourful Haven

There really is something incredibly soothing about having a garden that’s full of vibrancy. Flowers give you the opportunity to do that, adding bursts of colour wherever you feel like it. Along with the planting element offering a mindful form of exercise, the end result of a garden full of colour also will have the ability to improve mood whenever you look at it.

Designing a Tranquil Oasis

A good job during the winter is to have a redesign of the garden and what better way to do that than rejigging it to offer a calm and tranquil oasis. Create areas that offer comfortable seating, calming colours and what’s more, consider the lighting. Make sure there’s plenty of natural light going on in the seating areas, as well as soft lighting for when it goes down, while the trickles of water features can also be incredibly calming. Start preparing and come the springtime you’ll have that oasis you dream of.

Mindful Weeding as Meditation

Weeding may seem as one of the more unwanted jobs, but actually it’s far from the tedious chore we consider it. It can be a really therapeutic practice, especially when you see the end result. The repetition of it, as well as seeing the roots give way can be a sensory and stress relieving experience that will also get your garden looking great too!

Cultivating Edible Delights

However, the most rewarding job in the garden is growing something that bears fruit, or vegetables.

Yes, growing your own fruit and veg is a brilliant stress reliever and can offer a real project as you nurture your crops. What’s more, when it comes to them being ready to eat, it makes mealtimes so much more satisfying.

Create a Yoga and Meditation Space

Finally, we’re doubling down on the stress relief as not only can creating a space be a calming experience, but you’re creating something calming to do with it in the form of a yoga or meditation space.

The garden is a perfect area to practice these as the natural sounds and sights can be really soothing. It’s the ultimate escape, to get outside, breathe in and let that stress disappear.