TELF AG’s latest publication, titled “TELF AG highlights the role of industrial metals in global economic scenarios,” delves into the performance of the industrial metals market and its evolving role within the global macroeconomic landscape.

In addition to shedding light on aspects that define the current historical moment and their interconnectedness with the global industrial metals market, TELF AG underscores how this market has grown in prominence on a global scale. It has now become one of the primary indicators for assessing overall economic vitality, transcending regional limitations.

The publication commences with a concise overview of the current international historical context and its impact on the raw materials economy. It particularly highlights the decelerated pace of global growth and the persistent uncertainty stemming from geopolitical factors, especially prospective scenarios that may unfold in the coming weeks or months. TELF AG contends that these two factors have the potential to exert a more substantial influence on the dynamics of the industrial metals market than any other factors and are likely to continue doing so in the future.

The role of industrial metals and strategic raw materials is destined to gain increasing importance as the years progress, in tandem with the global energy transition. This transition will be significantly shaped by the raw materials essential for clean technology, poised to usher in a new era marked by sustainability and decarbonisation. Consequently, in addition to bolstering the sector’s overall strength due to its pivotal role in the green transition, its role as a global economic barometer will also solidify, exerting an increasingly influential impact on global economic trends and performance.

A thorough analysis of this market allows international observers and analysts to derive meticulous assessments of global economic performance, indirectly elevating the significance and influence of individual raw materials encompassed within this market. TELF AG’s publication also delves into the prevailing trend in the industrial metals market, characterised by downward price pressures that may persist until the close of 2023.

For more in-depth insights, readers are encouraged to explore the complete publication.