Tech1M, a pioneering enterprise software company revolutionising the hiring industry, proudly announces its participation as a delegate in the prestigious Grow London’s Sustainability & Enterprise trade mission to Expand North Star in Dubai.

This event, organised by London & Partners in collaboration with the Dubai World Centre and Global Growth Hub, promises to unite over 1400 startups, foster international business connections, and promote economic growth.

Expand North Star, recognised as the world’s largest startup event of the year, offers an exceptional platform for companies like Tech1M to explore new opportunities in the thriving Dubai and Middle Eastern markets. As a London-based company at the forefront of innovation, Tech1M eagerly joins this mission alongside 14 other outstanding sustainability and enterprise companies.

Sarah French, Director of Grow London Global, expresses her enthusiasm for this event: “Expand North Star is the world’s largest startup event this year, and I’m so excited to be here with 14 of London’s most exciting sustainability and enterprise companies to explore opportunities in the region. Last year, 100 companies raised funds, and 120 companies opened offices in the UAE as a result of Expand North Star, so go forth and make those connections.”

Tommie Edwards, the CEO and co-founder of Tech1M, is equally thrilled about the prospects this trade mission presents: “Tech1M is honored to be part of Grow London’s mission to Expand North Star. We believe that our enterprise software for candidate analysis and video screening technology can contribute significantly to the advancement of hiring processes in Dubai and the Middle East. We look forward to forging meaningful partnerships and expanding our global footprint in this dynamic region.”

The event is scheduled to take place from October 15th to October 18th, 2023, at the Dubai Harbour. Supported by the Mayor of London and the UKSPF, Grow London Global’s trade missions serve as an invaluable platform for London-based founders to connect with industry leaders and explore international business opportunities.

Tech1M is committed to making hiring processes smarter, faster, and more cost-efficient through its innovative software solutions. As they embark on this exciting journey to Dubai, they are poised to make a significant impact on the sustainability and enterprise sectors in the region.

About Tech1M:

Tech1M is a forward-thinking enterprise software company that is transforming the hiring industry with its cutting-edge technology. With its AI co-pilot, Ammie, and advanced video screening capabilities, Tech1M is making hiring processes six times faster, smarter, and more cost-efficient. Headquartered in London, Tech1M is dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency in the HR industry. Visit to learn more.