One critical aspect of a successful SEO campaign is having as many high-quality backlinks pointing to your website as possible. If this is something that you are struggling with, this is the article for you.

We’re going to answer the question: “What is the quickest way to build your backlink profile without breaking the rules?”

Let’s dive right in!

What is the quickest way to build your backlink profile without breaking the rules?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘super-fast’ method of link building that doesn’t go against Google’s search engine algorithm guidelines. In SEO, there is no cutting corners.

However, there are certain white hat link-building methods that do work faster than others.

For example: guest blogging.

Here’s what you need to know…

Guest blogging refers to the process of creating content for other websites. You simply need to reach out to prospective industry-relevant websites and secure a guest blogging spot by pitching some topic ideas to them.

Once you’ve identified a number of quality and reputable websites and made contact with them, you can then produce high-value content with links that point back to your website.

For best practices, make sure you get a mixture of high and low PR (Page Rank) websites. Identify some reputable, up-and-coming websites and you’ll be investing in a high-quality link in the future. Also, be sure to stick to industry-relevant websites (or at least blogging websites that have some industry overlap).

Again, in order to get this process right, it does require some due diligence. However, it is much faster than the next alternative.

What’s the next alternative after guest blogging?

The next alternative after guest blogging is to focus on creating high-value content for your niche. This is also subsequently the most organic means of attracting backlinks to your website and is something that you should be doing consistently as standard.

The process is simple, but by no means easy…

Master the art of SEO copywriting and produce engaging and high-quality content that other people are naturally drawn to.

Here is the perfect example: I am going to link to the Search Engine Journal because they have an excellent resource on how to attract natural backlinks by using statistics content.

By creating useful content for other marketers to reference, they are attracting organic backlinks and you can see it right here in action!

So, go ahead and start thinking about game-changing content that you can produce and see how your links start to grow.

Again, this is a slow process and is by no means a ‘quick fix’, however, the results can be exponential over time. For example, if you create that one killer piece of content which rapidly grows in popularity as you get more eyes on it, it could lead to hundreds (if not thousands) of high-quality links in the future.

As the saying goes: “build it and they will come”.

Otherwise, you can try some of the following link-building strategies for yourself:

  • Conduct targeted cold outreach and request for other websites to include a link to your content in relevant blog posts.
  • Create linkable assets like high-value infographic and other ‘share-worthy’ media.
  • Use the power of social media to get more eyes on your content and hope for links and shares.
  • Increase your brand visibility via networking.

Sounds like too much work? Hire the professionals instead

Another very effective means of white hat link-building that requires next to no effort on your part is to simply outsource your needs to the experts. For example, this marketing agency in Singapore can develop a link-building strategy on your behalf and then put it into practice.

The best part? With over 500+ 5* reviews on Google, they’re clearly good at what they do…

Final thoughts

Remember, there are no shortcuts in SEO and digital marketing. You may be tempted to buy 10,000 cheap links, but you’d be doing yourself and your business a disservice. The fact is, Google will sniff out the fake websites and penalise you for breaking the rules.

Stick to white hat SEO techniques and develop your backlink profile the right way. So long as you commit to producing high-value content that solves your audience’s problems, your organic online awareness will invariably begin to grow. Couple that with a well-strategized guest blogging strategy and you’ll be well on your way to search engine dominance!