Story from Jam Press (Fairytale Land Hotel) Pictured: The Trojan horse on wheels. Spend the night in your own FAIRYTALE LAND – sleeping inside Trojan horse, troll’s forest or spaceship Step into a fantasy realm and spend the night in some of the most mystical hotels in the world, including a Trojan horse on wheels, a celestial journey among the stars or a wooden sailboat. The 17th-century cobbled town offers 12 unique rooms, with fairytale lovers able to enter any adventure, whether they wish to be a swashbuckling pirate, a princess or an astronaut. The Monk’s Despair boasts stained glass windows, medieval furnishing and a drawbridge-style table. Have a clairvoyant experience in the Latcho-Drom caravan and read your future, complete with a double bed behind celestial curtains and a blood-red bathtub. Travel back in time and join the ancient Greeks in a two-storey Trojan horse on wheels, with a functional drawbridge entrance, a wooden bathtub, perfect for a luxurious soak, and a full breakfast included. Each of the original rooms contains a comfortable double bed, kitchenette, shower, bath and TV. Guests can also dine in The Gargoyle, the bio-organic restaurant, located on site. Starting at £110 a night, the incredible town is known as La Balade des Gnomes, translating to ‘Walk of the Gnomes', and is situated in Luxembourg, Belgium. ENDS EDITOR'S NOTES: Press must include a hyperlink somewhere in the copy [] as per the case study's request.

Embark on a journey into the realm of fantasy and indulge in an extraordinary night’s stay at some of the world’s most enchanting hotels, featuring accommodations within a mobile Trojan horse, a celestial voyage through the stars, or even aboard a wooden sailboat.

Nestled within a 17th-century cobblestone town, this ethereal destination offers an array of 12 uniquely themed rooms, allowing enthusiasts of fairytales to immerse themselves in a variety of adventures. Whether one desires to be a daring pirate, a regal princess, or an intrepid astronaut, the possibilities are endless.

Among the exceptional lodgings is “The Monk’s Despair,” characterized by its splendid stained glass windows, medieval décor, and a drawbridge-style table that adds an authentic touch to the experience.

For those seeking a touch of clairvoyance, the “Latcho-Drom” caravan promises a mystic encounter, featuring celestial curtains and a crimson-hued bathtub, where glimpses of the future await.

Step back in time and join the ranks of ancient Greeks within a two-story Trojan horse on wheels, complete with a functional drawbridge entrance. A wooden bathtub beckons for a luxurious soak, while a hearty breakfast enhances the immersion into this historic era.

Each of the original rooms is thoughtfully equipped with modern comforts, including a cozy double bed, kitchenette, shower, bath, and TV, ensuring a seamless blend of past and present.

To satiate your appetite, The Gargoyle, a bio-organic restaurant, awaits on-site, offering a gastronomic experience that complements the enchanting ambiance.

With prices starting from £110 per night, this extraordinary town bears the moniker “La Balade des Gnomes,” which translates to “Walk of the Gnomes.” Situated in the captivating landscapes of Luxembourg, Belgium, it promises a stay like no other, where the realms of imagination come to life.