The surge in popularity of bifold doors, known for seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces, prompts a common question: how do they differ from sliding doors, and which option suits your needs best?

Differentiating Features:

Bifold doors elegantly fold back in a concertina fashion. Typically consisting of two to seven hinged panels, they glide along concealed tracks in the floor, ceiling, or both. In contrast, sliding doors comprise large glass panes that slide sideways within a frame. Notably, bifold doors need space to stack the panels to one side, while sliding doors don’t require outward extension.

Functionality, Pros, and Cons:

Matthew Leach, Director of Aluminium Doors Direct, delves into the distinctive aspects of each door type.

“Bifold doors offer the unique advantage of folding back entirely, effectively creating a wall-to-patio connection that enhances your property’s allure with a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

“In contrast, standard sliding doors usually open to about 65 percent of the available space to the left or right. An alternative option is pocket doors—glass doors that slide into concealed crevices in exterior walls, expanding the available space. Sliding doors provide greater control, allowing for slight openings to catch a gentle breeze, a wider gap for quick outdoor access, or complete opening for optimal ventilation. When selecting a bifold system, consider a ‘traffic door’ or access leaf, especially if it serves as the sole garden entry point.”

Aesthetics: Enhancing Home Beauty:

Matthew delves into the design aesthetics that each type offers. “Sliding doors, with fewer panels and larger glass areas, usher in more natural light, particularly beneficial for contemporary and modern designs.

“While bi-fold doors can be drawn back to widen the entrance, they tend to expose more vertical frame when closed, in contrast to sliding doors. Sliding doors boast a higher glass-to-frame ratio, preserving unobstructed views of the garden or countryside, adding aesthetic charm and contributing to an open ambience. Opt for sliding doors if maximizing daylight or year-round garden views is your goal.”

Cost Efficiency:

Matthew addresses the cost-effectiveness of these designs, considering budget-conscious and eco-conscious choices.

“In terms of price, they are similar, with costs depending on the configurations. However, sliding doors with wider spans become pricier as they demand more expansive glass panels, which are inherently costly.

“Sliding doors are often thermally more efficient due to their smaller frame size. Nonetheless, both sliding and bifold doors can be tailored to suit individual requirements.”

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About Aluminium Doors Direct:

Aluminium Doors Direct is a leading UK supplier of high-quality bifolding and sliding doors at trade prices. With over 60 years of experience, their sister company Northwich Glass specializes in bespoke glazing solutions, earning recognition in Cheshire and beyond.