Greenpark Global, an exclusive establishment within the burgeoning realm of litigation investment, has unveiled its foray into an uncharted sector in light of remarkable expansion.

Based in Dubai, Greenpark Global carves out exclusive portals to litigation claims. Presently, the firm has set its sights on Family Offices with an appetite for investment, particularly in lucrative litigation claims, as it introduces a novel investment bond via its esteemed partner, Balqis Capital. This partner, having secured a listing on the Vienna MTF exchange, comes forward with the Balqis Capital 10.25% Fixed Income Bond, fostering a conduit for investors to ally with half a decade of expertise within the litigation financing domain. The harmonious alliance between Balqis Capital and Greenpark Global has yielded a corpus exceeding $50 million across multiple initiatives, all unblemished by any capital depreciation during this interval.

Outlined within Balqis Capital’s agenda is an array of varied pre-settlement litigation agreements, poised for execution within the imminent six months. These investments are earmarked for settlement timelines spanning from 12 to 24 months.

The terrain of litigation has undergone notable expansion in the recent past, with prognostications pointing towards the generation of global revenues amounting to $25.8 billion by the year 2030.

In the words of Laura Mann, the visionary behind Greenpark Global: “Within the realm of unconventional investments, litigation financing stands as a pioneering avenue to augment returns and introduce diversification to an investor’s portfolio.

“Our journey over the past quinquennium has borne witness to remarkable returns as we collaborated with high-net-worth investors. Now, we stand prepared to extend our offerings to an untapped sector.

“This strategic move is set to galvanise our firm’s expansion, while concurrently attracting a novel breed of investor with a penchant for high-stakes, high-yield litigation claims.”

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