Security of payments is, probably, the main demand of all modern customers now. Even going to the local grocery, you would like to make sure that your payment details will not be abused by third-party services. On the one hand, when payments came to the digital space, it became much more convenient and easy to pay because the details of your card were not displayed at all. On the other hand, there is still a lot of space for development. 

You have probably heard about 3D Secure. But in this article, we are going to explain what it is and will show you services to choose for the most convenient and safe purchasing process. 

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a special authentication tool for different online payments. The main goal of it is to create enhanced control over fraud and prevent different fraudulent activities. 

Usually, this tool is present on Visa cards and displayed there as “Verified by Visa”. Other systems can also have different interpretations of this protocol. 3D Secure will require additional authentication while transactions, which would be amazing if you really care about your safety. 

The tool is great itself, but what are the main advantages of it?

The Main Beneifts of 3D Secure

3D Secure has a lot of advantages to offer and can make the user experience much safer. Here is the list of advantages of this service. 

  • Fraud protection. There is an additional safety layer that will prevent different unauthorized transactions. In many cases, it will prevent sending money from your card by third-party resources. In some cases, it can block transactions even if you were going to send your funds to a scammer, the payment would not proceed. 
  • Additional authentication. The card will make sure that you are truly the one who uses the card. Only you will be able to use the card. 
  • Improved seller protection. 3D Secure allows sellers to have an additional protection level against scammers. It will also prevent receiving money from cards stolen from a certain user, which will help you avoid different sorts of inconvenience in the future. For example, with 3D Secure, you have a much higher chance that there will be no refund request later. 
  • 3D Secure is the default. One of the main advantages of this service is that you don’t need to install anything. 3D Secure is installed by default and cannot be removed. It means that even customers who have no experience in online payments will be safe. 
  • Brand reputation security. If you would like to protect your business from scammers and want to provide your customers with the best cooperation experience, 3D Secure will come in handy due to the fact that it will protect them. 
  • 3D Secure is universal. Users with different devices are protected. There is no need to go to your PC every time you need to purchase something. 3D Secure is available on mobile phones either, and you can experience safe shopping even via your phone. 
  • Improved level of cooperation. 3D Secure comes as a sort of middleman in all the deals. When you and your client see that you have additional protection and that both sides take care of the security, you can make transactions much better. Such an advantage attracts more customers. 

Of course, there is one minor disadvantage of this service. It strikes efficiency a little. It doesn’t make all your transactions proceed faster, but additional steps to proceed with purchases can be annoying to some users. But this is only about security. You are getting the highest level of protection in a cost of a couple of seconds. 

How Can Wallester Grant You The Highest Level of Security?

If you would like to improve your experience significantly, Wallester will be a great solution. It allows you to get Visa cards that will have the highest level of protection, more info on their webpage. But there are also other advantages that will be useful. 

  • A variety of cards. You can order regular debit cards, virtual cards, prepaid cards, and White-Label cards that will be useful for all your tasks. This payment card issuer provides all cards with enhanced protection so you, your company, and your employees will complete all the payments safely. 
  • White-Label cards. White-Label cards can make your clients more fulfilled with cooperation with you and can come as a great method to promote your goods. Providing such cards with the highest security level will help you build even more trusted relationships. 
  • Additional safety. 3D Secure and Fraud Monitoring helps a lot in all the tasks, and you can easily complete all your daily transactions without worries that your card will be exposed. 

This service makes your experience as convenient as possible by adding numerous features. However, they make it without sacrificing the safety of your daily transactions. It brings transactions to the highest level.