Injuries happen anytime and anywhere. You can get injured while bench pressing. Jogging also causes injuries. But did you know that it’s more common to get injured during routine activities? 60 to 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point. Many will get a pulled muscle from lifting boxes or falling asleep in an awkward position.

You can prevent this sort of injury with functional strength training. What is functional strength training? It’s an exercise that tries to mimic specific physiological requirements. Especially that of real-life activities. 

Functional training focuses on the purpose of the movement. A person’s purpose when it comes to strength training depends on several factors. These can be age, current health, and fitness levels. The workouts are all designed to improve how you perform the movements you do every day. For example, lifting a child or getting up from the bed. 

This type of strength training focuses on three areas. One is engaging different muscle groups in one movement. Second, use your own body’s weight and stability. The exercise regimen is also focused on making your body stronger. The goal is to ensure you perform movements better and adapt them in the real world.

A personal trainer can help create a workout focusing on this form of strength training. Do you feel more motivated exercising with a group? Most gyms offer group and live virtual classes. 

Most instructors will have you doing planks, walking lunges, and squats. These exercises use various muscle groups. Aside from your own weight, you’ll also be using kettlebells, bands, and medicine balls. The equipment you can use for functional strength training is quite extensive. Functional strength training can be quite grueling. So why should you do it? Several great reasons come to mind. 

Use Your Body in a More Efficient Manner

Think about the activities you do every day. They all involve different muscle groups. Functional strength training focuses uses compound movements. It engages all your body parts in a more efficient and effective manner. For example, doing a plank makes your core, arms, and legs stronger. This makes you better equipped to pick up your toddler without hurting your back.

 Get a Better Physique

People who do functional strength training have leaner and more defined bodies. This is because this exercise works out different muscle groups at the same time. Think of how dancers and professional athletes look. They have sleek forms because they do movements that use all the muscles in their bodies.

Helps You Understand Your Body Better

Functional strength training uses your body as both a weight and a force. Doing this type of exercise helps you become more in tune with your body. This awareness will help tell if your body is already positioned in a way that will prevent injury. You become more mindful of your own strength and capabilities. A deeper understanding of how your body feels also increases your self-respect.

Get the Body You Deserve

Functional strength training is one of the more popular exercise routines today. It improves a person’s health. It also gives one a better understanding of their body. It’s why the best personal trainers do this exercise. You will do well if you follow in their footsteps.

There are many reasons to do strength training. You’ll have a great physique and leaner muscles. These exercises will help you burn more calories while making your core stronger. The best thing about it is you can do the exercises by yourself or with a group.