If you have a website on Drupal, a regular Drupal site audit is crucial to ensure its smooth and efficient operation.

This analysis verifies the performance, security and architecture of the resource, which is important to identify potential problems promptly and propose improvements.

In this article, we will discuss why your business needs such an audit and where you can order such a service.

  • Site speed

Drupal site audit helps to detect slow downloading pages, heavy images, broken links or other problems that slow down the resource.

By eliminating them, you will increase the speed of your site and thus improve interaction with the target audience.

  • Security

Security is paramount in today’s online world, where customers value their personal data and you value the resource and the profits it brings you.

By doing this analysis, you can identify any security vulnerabilities and correct them before they are exploited by fraudsters.

  • Accessibility

Your site should be accessible to all categories of users, including people with disabilities. By auditing, you can verify if the resource complies with the requirements of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guide).

When talking about accessibility, consider that more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. That is why it is so important to identify problems that may prevent such clients from interacting with the resource.

In general, you need to ensure the accessibility of the site to all users, regardless of the gadget they view it from.

  • SEO

Website auditing can help to find any problems with SEO, such as broken links or missing meta-descriptions, that can negatively affect the visibility of the website in search engines.

By solving this issue, you can improve your search results and attract more traffic.

  • Up to date

This content management system is constantly evolving, with new modules, themes and updates being released regularly.

Website auditing can help you identify any areas that need to be updated to keep the project current and functional.

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