With the world of content creation becoming more and more accessible to the layman, it’s only fitting that the worlds of video editing and design follow suit. For years creating videos meant purchasing and learning how to use complicated software in what was a painstaking and long-winded process. 

In recent years, however, with more people considering content creation a viable career, the world of editing and filming has developed; both in terms of technology and accessibility. 

Cameras in phones, for example, have increased in quality tenfold. And software can now be downloaded on various devices. However, the most revolutionary development in this field has emerged very recently. 

AI Video Generation

Developments in artificial intelligence have branched out to enhance so many different areas, and video generation is no exception. AI Video generators are used to make a video from scratch, replacing fiddly software editing tools with simple text. 

These new forms of video makers can either create a video from scratch or edit pre-existing ones based on the user’s input. Some of the benefits of using these new tools include:

  • Speed: Speed is critical to success in the saturated, dynamic content creation markets. Luckily, even longer-form videos can be completed within seconds with the help of AI.
  • Ease of Use: AI engines transcribe your text and turn it into a video, and while doing so, will even remove any mistakes and unneeded words. All you’ll need to use this technology is a keyboard. 
  • Cost Efficiency: With AI, there’s no need to pay actors or buy expensive recording equipment. All you’ll need is a subscription to an AI Video Maker

Industries Using AI Videos

Although the technology is still relatively new, and much is yet to be figured out, plenty of content creators are now investing in AI video creation to speed up production times and profit. 

Some examples of current users of AI video makers include but are not limited to:

  • Youtubers/TickTokers: For influencers, time and quantity are two keys to success. AI generators decrease any downtime between videos meaning content creators can stay relevant for longer.
  • Marketers: Now there’s no need to use stock footage! In marketing, AI can be used to create unique content tailored to products and clients in no time. 
  • Social Media Managers: Most of the videos generated by AI are short, catchy and therefore highly shareable, making them perfect for anyone who aims to make a living via social media. 

Wrapping Up: Revolutionizing the Game

Feeling as though it’s fresh out of a Sci-Fi Film, AI’s revolutionizing every industry it’s introduced to, and the world of video creation is no exception. Gone are the days of spending hours editing, recording audio and mixing, all you need now is a script and a few minutes to let the AI process your video. 

Expect to see more and more people investing in this technology, and as they do so, it will only improve.

Soon the differences between a fully computer-generated video and a professionally edited one could be unnoticeable.