Anniversaries are special occasions that give couples the opportunity to celebrate the love and commitment they have for each other. Planning a surprise international getaway is one of the best ways to make your anniversary unforgettable. This type of trip can be exciting, romantic, and memorable all at once. 

However, planning a trip of this magnitude can be challenging, especially if you are not a seasoned traveler. 

Choose the Destination

The first step in planning a surprise international getaway is to choose the destination. When selecting a destination, consider what you and your partner like to do. 

Do you enjoy relaxing on the beach, exploring new cities, or experiencing different cultures? The destination you choose should align with your interests and preferences. Bali boasts incredible beaches, Paris is an iconic city everyone should visit at least once, and New York City is the perfect place to experience multiple cultures all in the same day. 

Another way to up the ante is booking a flight with a longer stopover. Some places like Montreal are great launching points for flights to Europe and beyond. While you’re there, you can stash your luggage in a storage locker so you can enjoy the city without having to worry about your belongings or lugging around heavy baggage. There are several great options for luggage storage in Montreal, allowing you to enjoy a second destination with peace of mind. 

Set a Budget

Once you have chosen a destination, set a budget for your trip. This will help you determine how much you can spend on flights, accommodations, and activities. Consider the overall cost of living in the destination, as well as any additional expenses, such as transportation and meals. Be realistic when setting a budget, and remember that you want to enjoy your trip without worrying about finances or feeling like you can’t fully experience it all.

Book Flights and Accommodations

After setting a budget, the next step is to book your flights and accommodations. When booking flights, look for deals and discounts, and consider flying during off-peak times. When it comes to accommodations, look for accommodations that offer amenities like spa treatments, private balconies, or ocean views to make your stay extra special. Book your flights and accommodations in advance to ensure availability and to get the best prices.

Plan Your Activities

Part of the excitement of a surprise international getaway is the element of surprise. However, you should plan some activities in advance to ensure that you make the most of your trip. 

Research the destination and look for activities you and your partner will enjoy. Consider taking a romantic sunset cruise, taking a cooking class, or touring local monuments. You can also book tickets to a show, concert, or sporting event. Plan a mix of activities that will allow you to relax and enjoy each other’s company, as well as explore the destination and see the sights.

Make Arrangements for Special Occasions

For an occasion as special as your anniversary, make arrangements for a romantic dinner or other special event. Many hotels and restaurants offer special packages for couples celebrating anniversaries. You can also arrange for a surprise like a bottle of champagne in the room or flowers waiting for your partner upon arrival. These small touches can make your trip even more special and memorable.

Prepare Accordingly

When prepping for your surprise international getaway, make sure you pack for the weather and activities you have planned. Check the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly. Pack comfortable shoes if you plan on doing a lot of walking, as well as a dress or suit for any special events you might be attending. 

Also, don’t forget to pack any necessary documents like passports, visas, and records of travel insurance, and ensure you have any vaccines your destination of choice may require. 

Communicate With Your Partner

While the element of surprise is part of the fun of a surprise international getaway, it’s important to communicate with your partner about any expectations or preferences they may have. Make sure they are at least somewhat aware of the destination and have the necessary items packed. Consider giving them a few hints or clues about the trip to build excitement and anticipation. Don’t let them show up to Aruba with a parka and snow boots instead of a swimsuit.

Celebrate Love Abroad

Planning a surprise international getaway for your anniversary can be an exciting and memorable way to celebrate your love and commitment. By following these steps, you can ensure that your surprise getaway is a success. Remember to choose a destination that aligns with your interests, set a realistic budget, book flights and accommodations in advance, plan activities and special events, pack accordingly, and communicate with your partner. 

With proper planning and a sense of adventure, your surprise international getaway is sure to be a trip of a lifetime that you and your partner will cherish forever. So go ahead, take the leap, and surprise your loved one with a romantic and unforgettable trip abroad.


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