The boundaries of the world are open, so the possibilities for modern people are endless. In one country, you can relax on the beach, in the second, you can work, in the third, you can fly or go shopping, and in the fourth, you can undergo your treatment. If you are diagnosed or treated abroad, this type of tourism is called medical. Many hospitals in developed countries, including German clinics, provide diagnostics, treatment, and international patient care services.

You have the right to get top-class medical care, regardless of how developed medicine is in your native country, because today everyone can receive medical treatment abroad. You are welcome to use the Booking Health website to find out prices, select a hospital, compare the cost of services at different medical centers, and schedule an appointment for your preferred dates.

Why should you go abroad for treatment?

Different people go abroad for different reasons. Here are the main ones:

Getting higher quality medical services. For example, people go to Germany for accurate diagnostics, minimally invasive treatment, robot-assisted surgery, endovascular procedures, etc.

Saving money. The cost of treatment varies significantly in different countries. If you come to Germany from Japan or the USA, you can save money. Although most people in these countries have health insurance, it does not cover many things, such as plastic surgery. In addition, part of the population does not have insurance.

Reducing the waiting period for treatment. In some countries, waiting times for treatment can be very long, for example, you can wait for joint replacement surgery or IVF for months or even years. However, during this time, a person has to suffer from the symptoms of the disease, and sometimes a long wait worsens future results. Patients therefore often prefer to undergo treatment at their own expense but faster.

Combination of different types of tourism. For example, a person can go to see the sights and, at the same time, undergo treatment or diagnostics. In addition, medical tourism can often be combined with resort tourism.

Carrying out prohibited procedures. Somewhere, abortion is prohibited, and in other countries, surrogate motherhood, sex planning with the help of IVF, fetal reduction in multiple pregnancies, etc., are prohibited. If something is prohibited in your native country but somewhere else it is allowed, then you can go to that country to receive such medical services.

Why is it best to undergo your treatment in a country with advanced medicine?

A significant number of medical tourists visit hospitals abroad because the level of medicine is higher in the country where they go. This is the right approach because we have one health, and it is not worth risking it. Even if treatment cost abroad is higher, these investments pay off in full because:

  • You will be less likely to suffer complications
  • You will be more likely to get rid of the disease, even the most severe and dangerous
  • You will have a chance to recover from even rare diseases
  • You will have a chance to get rid of the disease with a minimal trauma rate and possibly without surgery at all
  • You will recover quickly after treatment
  • You will maintain your appearance and habitual lifestyle
  • You will undergo treatment in comfortable conditions with well-performed pain management, high-quality symptomatic therapy, and psychological support

You are welcome to use the Booking Health service to find out the cost of treatment abroad, select a hospital, and make an appointment for your preferred dates. We represent the world’s best medical centers. To find a hospital, please enter your diagnosis in the search bar and select one of the treatment options. You will receive a list of medical centers that can be sorted by rating, reviews, price, or next free appointment date. When you make your appointment through the Booking Health service, you not only simplify this process but also save money. The cost will be reduced by 40-70% due to the absence of taxes for foreign patients.