The slots industry is constantly evolving, but there are aspects that have always stayed. The modern online games of today still have reels and symbols, just like the original games from the early 20th century. While new elements keep coming in, developers often like to pay tribute to features that existed in the past.

Fireblaze Jackpot games make use of a mechanism that’s new to online casinos, but familiar to people who played physical fruit machines in the past. This way of harking back to old offerings could be an indication of how the games could progress when virtual reality becomes mainstream.

Anyone who plays slots regularly will have noticed that a vast number of new mechanics have come into play recently. Sometimes these are completely original ideas, while others take inspiration from old slot games. Fireblaze jackpot games like Legacy of the Tiger and Eternal Lady fall into the latter category and have brought back a facet of slot games that was hugely popular before the online casino industry emerged. This is the hold and re-spin feature, which allows players to hold one reel and spin the others.

Fruit machines of old would often have a hold feature, which gave players some control over the outcome of the spin. When holding symbols in view and spinning the other reel, it provided a sense that players were in control of the outcome. It also made people think about what to hold, with there being a higher chance of matching lower paying symbols than higher paying ones.

The additional aspect of Fireblaze jackpots that keeps them in line with modern games is that they give players a chance to win four different jackpots, meaning that there is varied gameplay.

The fact that slot developers have decided to bring back features of old slot machines could mean that the games won’t change too drastically when they enter virtual reality. There’s little doubt that VR will be mainstream at some point, and it’s also clear that online casino games will adapt to it. There has been a lot of speculation about how slots could look in VR, with different ideas about what could be the most likely path for them.

Some developers have already toyed with putting giant slot games in virtual worlds, and the concept is certainly one that could take off. The other option would be for online casinos to offer VR slot game rooms, where players have the chance to walk around and explore different games in the same setting. This scenario would stay true to developers’ penchant for sticking to tried and tested aspects of slots that have worked well in the past.

The popularity of the Fireblaze jackpot games shows that modern players still enjoy many of the facets that made slot machines so popular before the internet. That suggests that VR users will also be in search of classic ways to play the game and may be less keen on futuristic fantasy slots.