Are you sick and tired of your slow internet service? Are you now considering getting a different provider, maybe an AT&T subscription for your family? If so, then you have come to the right place, for you no longer have to wonder about internet speeds or the speed range offered by the telecom giant. Read on to find out why AT&T internet reigns over the digital lifestyle of the American population and continues to be a favorite till date!

Why Internet Speeds Are Important

The internet speed is one of the most obvious factors that’s usually looked into when considering a switch to a new service provider. It can practically enrich your overall internet experience. Or simply break it. This is a strong reason why service providers diligently invest in technical resources that aim to be a game-changer for the ultimate American consumer! So whether you are ready to stream that much-awaited live game, download the newest music singles, upload heavy video memories in your cloud backup, or just want to browse the internet to pass idle minutes away, internet speed is downright crucial even for the average of digital activities today.

A Peek Into AT&T

And that’s where a company like AT&T comes in, to ensure that your online experience is nothing short of spectacular. So, whether you select one of its basic DSL internet plans or opt for the uber-fast fiber-rich service, one thing is for sure – you will always be facilitated with a myriad of options that are not available with other ISPs in the U.S. With AT&T, you can be sure that you will get nothing but a remarkable service at some of the most competitive prices available in the industry:

Wondering How Fast AT&T Internet Is?

AT&T offers quite a variation in the 22 states, where it currently serves. But do these ‘fast internet speeds’ meet the expectation of the average consumer? You can check this, simply by assessing the technology involved. DSL (better known as IPBB to AT&T subscribers) and Fiber, are used by the company to provide high-speed internet connectivity to prominent coverage areas of the provider. Hence, there are some areas where an IPBB is mostly enough while in the majority of cosmopolitan cities, fiber rules!

Between the two, AT&T utilizes existing copper-based wirelines to deliver data packets for IPBB that’s known as speedy Electromagnetic Frequency (EF) radio signals but is technically analog. Meanwhile, on the other hand, fiber utilizes blazing-fast data that runs via hair-thin fiber strands and is better known as ‘digital’. While the two connection types massively differ from each other, a fiber connection runs 10x faster than IPBB. IPBB is often compared to a cable-based internet service, even though the former offers a relatively consistent but slower download speed than cable. However, the network capacity between IPBB and cable-based internet does vary, ultimately depending on that region. For instance:

AT&T Internet

  • Offers a speed range of 300 Mbps
  • Connects several smart devices for a variety of digital activities (HD video streaming, gameplay, and large-size file sharing)
  • Allow the user to stay entertained and productive with a consistent speed range at peak activity times

AT&T 1 GIG Plan

  • Offers a speed range of 1 GIG fiber internet
  • A blessing for all those internet users, who need serious internet connectivity for their smart homes or their home office
  • Never let a slow internet connection pause your speedy modern lifestyle!

AT&T 5 GIG Plan

  • Offers a speed range of 5 GIG fiber internet
  • Amongst the fastest speed tier that you can get for the entire family
  • Enjoy exceptional reliability and speed, always keeping at top of your game!

When it comes to an AT&T wired internet connection and its wireless counterpart, you can enjoy the benefits of both and even create a unique combination that bundles up both services together. Acquiring both services won’t put a dent in your total bill and give you the much-needed service discount, which you were looking for!

Towns & Cities Where AT&T Offers Decent Coverage

San Jose, CA                   Los Angeles, CA                           Jacksonville, FL                             Miami, FL

Charlotte, NC                 Columbus, OH                              Cleveland, OH                              Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL                      Indianapolis, IN                           Saint Louis, MO

Please note that these are just some of the cities where AT&T is provided. For a complete list, we suggest that you visit and directly check the availability of the ISP in your area.

Wrapping It Up,

As we conclude this article, it all depends on the kind of offer you may get from AT&T, which is ultimately dependent on the area where you are currently based in. While service reliability is amongst its top factors, it offers a fiber connection for great value! So what are you waiting for? Get AT&T Internet if a fast and consistent internet connection is on your mind.