Who else can execute the weirdest show names, strange haircuts, neon hair dyes, and top-notch animation styles like anime? No one really! Anime might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is most certainly a genre of its own. In fact, calling it a genre feels unfair since it is so much more than that. Just like movies, there are multiple genres of anime and there is one for everybody, as long as you’re willing to watch it.

We’re already into April in 2023 and there’s so much we have on our plates already. Whether it is new anime shows or new seasons of previous anime shows, we are absolutely packed with new content! Since you can’t watch all of these – unfortunately, we all have responsibilities as an adult – we have decided to write down some of the best latest choices for anime that you might love.

First things first, however, before you scroll down and get to the anime options, check your internet connection and see if you are happy with the speed and other things.

Now, let’s move on!

Buddy Daddies

If you stay active and updated in the anime world, you must have known about the success of Spy X Family. And if you are one of the people that loved that show, then this new show, Buddy Daddies, is exactly what you want. Instead of a fake couple adopting a girl to maintain a cover for their double lives, this show is about two friends and partners that are assassins.

On one of their jobs, they come across a 4-year-old girl who is looking for her father (whom she has never seen before). Due to a misunderstanding, she assumes one of the two assassins, Kazuki, is her father. She then accepts Rei, the second assassin, as her father as well. Since the two are living together and there is nowhere else for the little girl to go, reluctantly, they both decide to become her caretakers.

This anime isn’t exactly one with a lot of twists and turns and focuses more on comedy and cute family time than anything, but it is a good one!

Tomo-Chan is a Girl!

It’s quite hard being a tomboy who has always been “just one of the guys” to your crush, but then again, what would we know? Tomo Aizawa has had a crush on her childhood friend, Junichiro Kubota, for a while now, but he doesn’t even see her as a girl (not really, but you get the point)! So, now Tomo must take the help of her “girly” friends to get Junichiro’s attention and to get him to see her in a more romantic light.

What makes this anime good enough to watch is that we get a strong female lead, who is not lacking in any qualities, besides the romantic girly bit, of course. Other than that, we are also happy with the fact that Tomo is beautiful regardless of her masculine traits, and there is no unnecessary judgment cast on women.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

If you watched the first season to the end, you’ll remember how tense it all was and how everything ended on a cliffhanger for the last season. Well, finally, the wait is over as season 2 for Tokyo Revengers is here! For those of you who haven’t watched the first season, go ahead and watch that first before you continue with this blog. Or maybe you could just skip to the next anime on the list and save yourself from the spoilers.

In this season, we get to see the friendship between Chifuyu and Takemichi grow as Takemichi reveals his time-traveling secret to the former. Since Chifuyu is now in on the secret, he sticks with Takemichi as they try to fight the new gang, Black Dragon, even going against Mikey’s orders. Things are most definitely not looking up, especially since they even decided to pair up with Kisaki, who murdered Chifuyu in the future and was going after Takemichi next. Intense much?

High Card

There are many anime shows where characters are born with or obtain some sort of supernatural powers after consuming something. Well, what if you could get a “lucky card” and use it to get some sort of power? How cool would that be, right? This story for this anime is exactly that! There are 52 playing cards, also called X-playing cards, which contain some sort of power. Once you get a card, you can use this to get some sort of supernatural ability.

Enter Finn Oldman, an orphan with a golden heart, who just wants to help and give back to the orphanage where he grew up in. While on his quest for getting money, he learns about these X-playing cards and their powers, and he also learns about a secret group of people, High Card, who are working to collect all the cards on orders of the King.

After his encounter with them, he is offered a job to be a member of High Card as well, which he then accepts. And thus begins his crazy journey to find the cards!


And that is it from our side! We hope you find this list helpful and figure out which anime you want to watch first. Of course, there are plenty more to come, but for now, you could catch up with the ones here and we could soon do an article on the other anime shows you need to watch as well. So, until then, stay tuned!