Investing in a business during a recession can be daunting, but many profitable opportunities remain.While popular sectors such as hospitality, retail, and food service may come to mind, buyers should consider less common business sectors. The profits they stand to make can be equal or greater, with less competition.

In this article, we’ll explore some overlooked but profitable UK business sectors that buyers should consider. Whether you’re a business owner or entrepreneur or want to buy a business, this article will provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

Business Sectors To Consider Investing In


Laundromats are highly profitable businesses due to their minimal staffing and overhead costs. They provide essential services to communities and require minimal staff and overhead costs. Plus, they can be run as a passive income stream with suitable systems in place.

Laundromats require minimal maintenance and can be run as a passive income stream with suitable systems in place. Additionally, many laundromats offer additional services, such as dry cleaning and alterations, which can increase profits.

With the trend of smaller living spaces, there is an increasing demand for laundromats that offer drop-off and pick-up services. The industry has seen steady growth over the years, with demand rising in urban areas where people lack washing machines or space to install them.

Running a laundromat requires minimal staff, and the business operates on a cash basis, making it a low-cost and low-risk investment. The sector also has an opportunity for additional revenue streams, such as offering dry-cleaning and laundry services to commercial clients.

When you run a laundromat, you can generate significant returns on your investment while providing an essential service to the community.

Senior Care Services

The UK has an ageing population. The Office for National Statistics notes that Over 11 million people – 18.6% of the total population – were 65 or older in 2021. Additionally, over half a million people in the UK are aged 90 or above. It is no surprise that this creates demand for senior care services.

Senior care businesses offer various services, including home care, assisted living, and hospice care. Investing in senior care can be rewarding financially and personally – you can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives while generating steady profits.

There is also a growing demand for technology-driven senior care services, such as remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. With the right investment and management, a senior care business can be a profitable and sustainable investment.

Mobile Pet Grooming

With the UK Pet Grooming industry booming and expected to grow well into the 2030s and the rise of millennial pet parents taking an interest in using organic pet grooming products, mobile pet grooming services are becoming increasingly popular.

Mobile pet groomers offer convenience to pet owners who need more time to take their pets to the groomer. Investing in this sector can harness the growing trend towards organic and sustainably sourced pet-care products, tap into the ever-increasing pet industry, and generate significant returns on your investment.

The business requires minimal investment, and operating costs are low, making it a low-risk investment. Additionally, mobile pet grooming services often have a loyal customer base, which can lead to recurring revenue.

Health and Wellness Services

Health and wellness services, such as fitness centres, spas, and nutrition centres, are always in demand in the UK. The industry is projected to grow as more people become health-conscious and prioritise self-care.

Investing in a health and wellness business can be financially and personally rewarding, allowing you to contribute to people’s well-being. With the right location, marketing, and management, a health and wellness business can be a profitable and sustainable investment.

It’s worth noting that the industry has experienced changes during the pandemic, with a shift to virtual classes and online offerings. Therefore, investing in a health and wellness business offering a hybrid model of virtual and in-person services may be wise.


Investing in a business can be daunting, especially during a recession. However, there are still profitable opportunities for those considering lesser-known business sectors. This article has explored some overlooked but profitable UK business sectors, including laundromats, senior care services, mobile pet grooming, and health and wellness services.

There are many profitable business sectors for those willing to consider alternatives to the popular sectors. By investing in these overlooked sectors, buyers stand to make equal or greater profits with less competition. Investors can find the perfect investment opportunity with careful research, analysis, and management.