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If you’re a Amazon Prime Video user, you know the feeling of endless scrolling while looking for something we bring you prime video secret codes of 2023 to use the platform like magic wind. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve seen everything, and you can’t find anything new that catches your interest.

But what if we told you there’s a way to unlock hidden categories, secret movies, and TV shows that are not displayed on the main page? Introducing Prime Video Secret codes, the secret trick to discovering new content on Prime Video.

Prime Video Secret codes are specific URLs that lead you to hidden categories on the platform. These hidden codes work like a search filter, providing particular genres and sub-genres that aren’t always easy to find through the regular search feature. By entering these codes into your web browser, you can access hidden categories and unlock a new world of movies and TV shows.

Using Prime Video Secret codes is simple. All you need to do is enter a specific URL into your web browser, which will take you to a hidden category. For example, if you want to explore “War Movies,” enter the ” WAR M” URL into your web browser, which will take you directly to the hidden category. You can also try using different combinations of numbers in the URL to discover other invisible types.

The platform doesn’t officially support Prime Video Secret codes, but plenty of websites have compiled a list of Secret codes you can use. Some of the most popular websites that offer Prime Video cheat codes are “What’s on Prime Video,” “Prime Video-Codes,” and “Reelgood.” These websites provide a comprehensive list of Secret codes that you can use to discover hidden categories on Prime Video.

List Of Amazon Prime Video Cheat Codes

  1. Action Movies = “AC”
  2. Adventure = “ADV”
  3. Animation = “ANI”
  4. Biographical = “BIOG”
  5. Comedy =¬† “COM”
  6. Crime = “CRI”
  7. Documentary = “DOCU”
  8. Drama = “DRA”
  9. Family = “FAM”
  10. Fantasy = “FANT”
  11. Historical = “HIST”
  12. Horror = “HOR”
  13. Musical = “MUS”
  14. Mystery = “MYST”
  15. Romance = “ROM”
  16. Science Fiction = “SCF”
  17. Sports = “SPOR”
  18. Thriller = “THRI”
  19. War = “W”
  20. Western = “WES”
  21. Anime = “ANI”
  22. ¬†Cartoon = “CART”
  23. Business = “BUS”
  24. Lifestyle = “LIFE”

Why Use Prime Video Secret Codes?

Using Prime Video Secret codes is an excellent way to discover new content on the platform. With so many movies and TV shows available, getting lost in the endless scroll is easy.

You can find hidden gems that you might not have discovered otherwise by using Secret codes. Additionally, Secret codes provide an efficient way to search for specific genres or sub-genres, making it easier to find content that matches your interests.

Prime Video Secret codes are a simple yet effective way to discover hidden categories and unlock new content on the platform. By using Secret codes, you can find movies and TV shows you might not have located otherwise and search for specific genres and sub-genres more efficiently. You might be surprised by the new content you discover.