Learner drivers are being warned over long-lasting delays for driving tests, with thousands having to wait over six months for a space.

Motoring experts at Quotezone.co.uk have researched how the driving test backlog is becoming a real problem for UK learners, offering tips for those those struggling to book an exam.

Every year in the UK around 1.6 million nervous learners buckle up to sit their practical driving tests, yet these pupils are now having to join a queue of up to six months for an opportunity to take the exam.*

With pupils racking up countless hours in the car practising their driving, they’re understandably  keen to book in the practical test as soon as they feel ready and confident.

Yet the latest data shows average wait times of up to 15 weeks for learners to even get the opportunity to take a driving test.**

But many are reporting even longer waits, with some driving test centres having delays of up to six months.

The long wait times are partially because of the DVSA’s continued struggle to tackle the backlog leftover from Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, where driving tests were suspended for several months.

Driving examiners have also recently been on strike over pay, pensions and redundancy terms, which has further delayed tests for pupils across the country.***

Measures have been put in place to try and reduce the mountain of learners waiting for a test – out of hours and weekend driving tests have been introduced.

The DVSA’s latest ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign is also designed to help take the pressure off, helping pupils prepare for upcoming driving tests to see if they are actually ready to book a spot.

But learners are still having to wait weeks and months for test slots to open up and they are becoming increasingly frustrated at being forced to compete for a space.

With the average driving test pass rate in the UK now 48.7% and falling, learner drivers who failed their tests the first time round must now wait in the ongoing backlog for another chance.****

Founder and CEO of Quotezone.co.uk, Greg Wilson, said: “For many young people being able to drive is a rite of passage and their first real taste of freedom. But thousands of young adults now find themselves stuck, waiting for their chance to pass and have access to their very first set of wheels.

“The backlog has been in place for years now, and despite the DVSA trying to ease pressure on test centres, pupils are still being met with disappointment even with test slots being offered up over weekends, evenings and bank holidays.

“I really sympathise with those learners who have been waiting months for a chance to take their tests.

“If you are one of the many queuing in the backlog for a test slot to become available, it’s  important to keep on top of your lessons and keep practising.

“Also look at other driving test centres nearby in case they have more test availability – not a lot of learners are aware that you are permitted to book a test elsewhere.

“You can also use the cancellations app to try and get your test moved forwards when a slot opens up.”

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